HeatherNicole asked:
Oh yeah Sprial, in your album you said henna has not affected your wash and gos, why would you think it would?

I think she said that in reference to my posts about my sudden decrease in shrinkage. It does pull out the curl in some folks, so the wash&go may lose some of its POP w/henna. However, this is only temporary...
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Yeah, I was watching for signs of my curls being pulled out. Some of my hair forms squiggles and I've seen some strands that are straightish near my crown, and I didn't want them to become straighter. But so far, so good. My wash and go still has "POP" as Nikki put it (I like that expression ), but it just shrinks less.

Congrats on your henna find Heather!

Nikki, I love how you wear your hair down in the front. I need to start trying that - I always push my hair back with combs or a headband.
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Thanks Spiral! I use to do that too. I think it was so1913's and eccentric Kurlz' fotkis that inspired me to step away from the headbands and clips. Plus, I've got a big forehead
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