I'm glad to hear that you guys are having success with henna. I've only tried cassia and I have to say that I wasn't that impressed. I did back to back cassia treatments and I didn't really notice a significant change to my hair. The only thing that I felt cassia did was strengthen my hair a bit. Other than that, my hair is still spongy, limp, and dull. Maybe I did something wrong with the Cassia? This makes me a little apprehensive to try henna.
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What steps did you follow, Ajidahk? I'm worried that my hair might notbenefit as much from these treatments; my hair is not very responsive to a lot of stuff, so I'm interested to hear why the cassia might not have worked for you.

I know henna is supposed to be superior but I was leaning towards the cassia, as I have this love/hate relationship with my hair color and I might miss it if it's permanently gone.