Hey Jeamaria, sorry - don't think I was being clear. I had squiggles and a patch on my crown that was straightish before I started to use henna. I was watching to make sure the henna wouldn't pull out the squiggly curls or make my crown straighter. But henna hasn't straightened those areas, even though overall my hair shrinks less. So, I don't think you have to worry, but a strand or patch test might be in order, because everyone reacts differently.

PS. This weekend may be a henna weekend if my package arrives in time !
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thanks spiral, that is encouraging. I was talking about hair that is already straightish now, and worried that the henna might make the slight bends in the hair even flatter, but from what you're saying, it's stretched out the straightish hair without straightening it, which I wouldn't mind.

BTW, does the jamila henna come with a date on it to ensure freshness? If so, is it catherine's doing or is this the way the henna is always sold?