baggy method on natural hair

Does anyone baggy their afro puff?

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I don't baggy my puff but I do baggy my twists. I just twist my hair in minis. Baggy my whole head at night.
I've tried baggying several puffs at once.

Co-Wash: Vo5 Herbal Escapes Moisturizing Conditioner Free Me Freesia With Aloe Extract & Aussie Moist
Leave In Conditioner: KCKT & seal with shea butter.
Gel/Styler: KCCC or EcoStyler for edges.
I think my hair likes cones...
can someone please explain exactly what baggying is? I see this all the time on this thread and I have not a clue!!!
Baggy method: moisturize the ends of your hair with either water, leave-in condish, or any moisturizing hair product. Put your hair in a ponytail or bun (tucking the ends) and wrap a plastic sandwich bag or any plastic bag over your bun/ponytail/puff.Tie it with a elastic band to secure it. Sometimes I take some conditioner or a leave-in condish and squirt some in a baggy, and then squirt a lil oil in it too. I put my puff in the bag filled with condish/oil, and then secure it with an elastic band. I squish my hair around in the baggy so the product can get all over the ends of my hair inside. I do this at night and wash out in the morning. Sometimes I do this in the day as well. In the picture below, I used some water and oil in a spray bottle to dampen my hair (not saturate). After this, I sealed the ends of my hair with oil. The shea butter condish is what I use for the condish/oil treatment.
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I use qhemet biologics cocoa tree detangling ghee sometimes to moisturize my ends. That stuff is da bomb diggidy. It really helps me combat those knots in my fine coils. I have type4 natural hair and it tends to tangle up a lot.

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