Jazzing Hair Color???

I am a member of several blog sites. I noticed a month or so ago that there was a post about a temporary color by Clirol called Jazzing. I was wondering if anyone has tried it. What are the pros and Cons?
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I used to use it when I was relaxed, especially the clear one for a gloss. I loved it then because I liked having jet black hair ( and the cherry cola colored one too) and it was a perfect alternative to permanent color.
I am not sure how it well it would work with natural hair, as it is a rinse and fades with each wash. It would probably make natural hair especially tangled, I remember it used to tangle the relaxed hair. Also, not sure of the ingredients, but it definitely had a chemical like smell.
I liked it when relaxed, tried it as a natural, didn't really work very well. I am not willing to risk permanent color, so it is what it is.

I still use permanent color but I find it helpful every now and then to use the clear Jazzing color to give some nice shine. I have some in my cabinet right now. I mix in a little conditioner or Argan oil with it and sit under the dryer for 10-20 min and voila! I used to use the colored ones on myself and my brother and mother but I finally went to the permanent color. It's easier to make impact. But if you are looking for the deposit of color about like a "cellophane" Jazzing will do it and wash out in a few weeks.
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I too, used it when I was relaxed. I didn't like it because it would bleed on my pillows. And when I sweated, it would run down my face. I think sebastion cellophane/ celloshines are better products. However, I don't use them now because they make my hair dry and tangled.
I used it and often got inconsistent results for a brown. I used the lightest brown and sometimes my hair would have a green cast and sometimes be too brassy.
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I've never used Jazzing, but I use to hear good things about it when I was relaxed. When I was relaxed I use to use Adore clear rinse in my hair.

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I used the jazzing red rinse (which made my hair look purple in the sun) once when I was relaxed, well it took 6 years of "rinsing" to get it completely out. I guess my hair is extremely porous.
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I have used Jazzings, Adore, Kiss, Via and Ion semi permanent color. Jazzing was my least favorite. My favs are Adore and Ion. The Ion tends to fade quickly though. Right now I sam using a demi-permanent color by Ion from Sallys.
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I used jazzing a while ago - cherry cola to be exact. I didn't like it because the color didn't show up in my hair because it's so dark. I took way too many applications for a smidgen of color to show up. Even then I was left with a red scalp, like some one took a crayon and scraped it on my scalp. That lasted all of a year. I couldn't deal with the upkeep afterwards.
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I have used Jazzings, Adore, Kiss, Via and Ion semi permanent color. Jazzing was my least favorite. My favs are Adore and Ion. The Ion tends to fade quickly though. Right now I sam using a demi-permanent color by Ion from Sallys.
Originally Posted by Mochachino
Mochachino, how do you like the Ion brand? I'm thinking of grabbing a box of Natural Instincts, but if Ion is good, I might check it out.

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I used to wear jazzing when I was relaxed. It's a semi permanent. It washes out in a couple washes. And if your hair is dark it may not show that well. However, it does still have a drying affect so a lot of conditioner is needed. But the more condish you use, the less the color shows. It's not really considered "color" by stylist b/c it's so temporary, and doesn't really show on dark hair.You could do the same thing with Kool Aid....LOL

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