Henna on dry "dirty" hair?

I am ready to henna my hair but I really don't feel like washing it.lol.
Just for kicks I wanted to ask if anyone does their henna's on dry and/or dirty hair. And when I say dry I mean not wet, not unmoisturized. My hair is moisturized and dry. I don't use cones, only butters and oils but its not greasy or anything. I just never really understood the purpose of washing the hair before you henna, even though I've read that most do it that way. IT seems to me that if you want to avoid excessive dryness then washing your hair would only exacerbate it when you rinse out the henna. Any thoughts?
I do. My hair is never washed prior to a henna but that's just me. I know it's floating around that the hair needs to be clean so the henna binds to the hair better but in 3 years I've never had aproblem doing it on dry premoisturized hair. I did a henna last night.

Did a prepoo with AO conditioner,and myashas honeydew, then slathered my henna on. No problems for me
I'm a 3b/3c, and I just henna-ed my dry, unwashed roots last night.

The only product I had on my hair was my leave-in conditioner, and my hair took the color just fine.
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I also henna on dry hair. I have done it on freshly washed hair before, but to me it'a a lot massier that way. I get the same color and results done either way, so doing it on dry hair saves me some time.
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I don't henna on clean hair all the time. It's mostly on old twistouts that I can apply the henna on by sections. It's easier that way, and I still get a great stain and the overall benefits.
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That's good to know. I just put on my henna mix on clean damp hair tho.lol. I had to detangle so I just went ahead and washed it. I would think doing it on dry pre moisturized hair would be less of a hassle though so its nice to know its not mandatory to pre wash the hair

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