Nubian Twist Questions

I am growing out my hair and while I transistion, I think, I am going to try nubian twists for the first time. I found a picture of what I want, but I still need help determining what kind of hair to buy. I've read good things about E-on hair. I would like to know other's opinions, but more specifically I want to know if I can get the style I want out of the Nubian Silk hair.

This is the style

Also, wondering if I should consider the human hair. I want to swim with my three little girls this summer and not worry so much about hair, but I hear the synthetic hair does not do well with swimming. Is that true.

And one more thing, if anyone is good at color matching, do you know what color this hair style used?

I know I have ton of questions. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
I've never tried EON hair, are they even still in business?

I wouldn't recommend human hair. First there is no human nubian twist hair (i don't think). Second, if you are going swimming the most care free hair is synthetic

Nafy collection also makes nubian twist hair. You might be able to find it at your local bss, but you can also buy it from here

ETA: the color looks like 1b/33

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am so clueless. I got worried when I read on the Eon site that the human hair was good for those who swim ect.

This is the hair I think I will order.

This is the human hair.

Thanks again. O, and thank you for the other suggestion. I may try that one instead since it's quite a difference in price.
^^^ the link you posted under the human hair is actually synthetic, says so on the page
If you're by any chance, near NY or Fla, you can get kinky textured hair at Lugo's.

I've never used that particular texture, but I used their hair for years.
Thanks! I'm actually no where close, I'm in he midwest, but thank you for the suggestion and THANKS for the vouch for E-on
Oh ok. Well, I wish you luck in your search then!

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