Honeyquat vs Glycerin

Thinking about trying Honeyquat, would it be just as drying in the winter as glycerin? Anyone use it successfully in a leave in spritz or for deep conditioning?
honeyquat is hygroscopic, but it doesn't behave exactly like glycerine. It adds conditioning to the hair and reduces static buildup. I have not had the experience with my hair drying out in the winter with honeyquat. It is also less sticky and twice as moisturizing as glycerine
Thanks, does it smell bad? I've read that the smell is not great.
nope. mine doesn't smell bad. I got it from lotioncrafter.com
Honeyquat shouldnt have a smell, it comes out of the jar like water, it isnt sticky at all. I prefer to use it when mixing as well.

Glycerin for me is hit or miss depending on the climate outside
Sounds interesting. Never heard or tried this.
4a Tailbone

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honeyquat rocks.

ETA on my first post: honeyquat is not less sticky compared to glycerine, like SB said it is NOT sticky at all
Ended up ordering from http://wholesalesuppliesplus.com/Pro...ProductID=3268. For those interested its the best deal because the price includes shipping to the US. There is a $15 minimum on orders so I added a lip tube to bring the total to $15.25, which is cheaper than other vendors. Highly recommend this place, they always ship quickly and have great CS.
I know of it. I've ordered tons of stuff from there over the years!

lotioncrafters is in my state so when I need something quick I order from there as well. They also have stuff that WSSP doesn't have

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