What's your hair care routine?

I have had to change my routine at least 3 times so far this winter because my hair wasn't feeling anything and I had serious dandruff.

Cowash and deep conditioner once every two weeks (I used to do it once a week but I'm learning to stretch it out longer)

Cowash - Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Totally Twisted
Deep condition - Olive oil and Organix olive oil deep conditioner
Clarify (once a month) - either an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse or Shea Moisture African Black Soap
Moisturizer for my scalp - Taliah Waajid's Strengthener
Moisturizer for hair - Organikah's Whipped Shea Butter (Love this stuff!)
Sealing ends - Vatki oil (hate the smell but love the sealing)

Nightly I mist my hair with Taliah Waajid's Bodifier mist, pineapple my hair and sleep in a bonnet

I trim my ends once every other month. With it being winter, I've come to realize that my hair cannot take the harsh weather so I'm wearing as many protective styles as I possibly can.
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i usually let my hair tell me what it needs but i usually

cowash or light shampoo
add a moisturizer, then style

or prepoo
hesh herbal paste
cowash and style

or prepoo
deep condition
moisturize and style

really depends on my mood
Five steps that look deceptively simple but take hours

1. Prepoo
2. Finger Detangle
3. Shampoo
4. DT/DC
5. Style
Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense

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