Hair Spray to Block Humidity???

Does anyone here use hairspray to block humidity from shrinking up your hair? I recently bought Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier and it actually worked! I sprayed a lot on and walked to work while it was raining (I had an umbrella). The time before when I did that my stretched hair shrank up like I had not stretched it at all. I could not believe it. Plus it added some shine!

The downside is that its a firm hold hairspray, so my hair didn't move and it didn't feel good to touch it. I added water and conditioner to my hair that night. I looked online and there are all sorts of hairsprays for volume and straight hair that say they block out humidity and add shine, they might be firm hold though. I would love a cheap, flexible hold, shine enhancing, humidity blocking spray.

Is anyone using one of these sprays?
i would recommend sabino moisture block. it's a serum, not a spray. it blocks moisture and humidity without any sort of hold.

i use it as the last step when i do my wash n gos (with kccc under it), and it leaves my hair very soft and not at all crunchy, with great movement.
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The only spray I use is KMS Flat out Anti-humidity spray, but it doesn't have a hold like regular hair spray. You just spray it on after you style your hair. I was going to try sabino, but its so much easier to spray rather than use a serum. Its a life saver BELIEVE ME. lol. My presses used to not last a day without turning to frizz in this southern weather, but now it will last longer than a week. Actually, the entire Flat Out line from KMS is Brilliant.
Well...I don't know what type of spray you are looking for, but I'd recommend Keracare Humidity Block Oil Sheen. I use this when I flat iron or have my hair pressed and I can tell it works. I never spray it on when my hair isn't straightened so I'm not sure how well it works on natural curls. It has a nice smell to it too.
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If my hair wants to frizz up a little, I just let it. I don't feel like battling humidity lol
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where do u all buy these products from?
Originally Posted by SilverAngel45

I get mine from the local BSS that sells professional salon products. I think JCPenny sells Keracare line or you can order it online.
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The KMS flat out sounds good. I don't think I want a serum because once I set my hair I don't want to touch it so a spray would be more convenient. I'm going to actually look around at all the straight hair or volumizing hairsprays because a lot of them say they are moisture resistant and they are probably cheaper than a salon product. If not, I'll check the salons for something.

Its not the frizz I'm trying to fight, its the shrinkage. I like my hair big and full, but if there is rain is shrinks up a lot. If I find a spray I might never have a bad hair day again!

Thanks for all the suggestions
Well I went to the drugstore and it turns out that Tresseme, VO5, Pantene, and some other brands have anti-humidity hairsprays that are much cheaper than the Frizz Ease. I bought the Tresseme and the Alberto VO5. I tried the Tresseme and it made my hair so dry and I don't think it even did that much to block the humidity. So I think that on rainy days I'm just going to wear my hair in a puff and forget about it because I'd rather have soft, shrunken, moisturized hair than dry, unshrunken, hard hair anyway.

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