Back to Basics: Glycerin and Water

@Cali: You are too funny! I try to stay inside, but sometimes the gym bores me to tears, lol. I may have to try glycerin at some point then. Everybody had me scared about glycerin and protein...and my hair is loving some protein right about now!
My twist out always turns into a fro lol. I don't know how to make it do anything else.
Originally Posted by Cali Chik
@ Cali Chik - You and me both, I've been in the Carolina humidity thread earlier today. lol

Where do you find the glycerin? what are the proportions of the spray? Thanks!
Originally Posted by pjjosephgiss
@pjjosephgiss I ordered a 16 oz bottle cheap from There's a discount code in my siggy for first time customers. I don't measure, sorry.

I just started back adding glycerin to my spritz mix of water, aohr and castor oil a couple of weeks ago. The mix turns my dry afro puff into a moist ball of curls and my hair stays moisturized all day. I'm loving the mix since I'm having a challenge of wearing my hair loose during the summer with the high humidity here in North Carolina. I don't measure anymore. I just add warm warm, add some products and shake to mix.

On the one hand I need to stay away from glycerin if I want to wear my hair loose but on the other hand I need to add it to keep my puff moist all day.
Originally Posted by Kinky Rhonnie
Thanks for the ratios and the code. Will try anything to moisturize!
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Cali Chick I forgot how wonderful glycerin and water can be! After reading this thread, I made my half and half using vegetable glycerin and rose water, shook it up, sprayed my hair until it was saturated, applied some Ecostyler gel, shook my head, added a head band (I got that crazy long 3b/c patch in the front dang it!) and went to church! The curls were banging and popping! I think this and bunning is it for the rest of the summer. Thanks for the reminder!

I got that crazy long 3b/c patch in the front dang it!
Originally Posted by Naturalfinally
girl I have the same one and it drives me up a wall some, no most of the time. It just lays there looking stupid trying to mess up a good hair day so I am always tucking and hiding
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So do you need to seal if you use the glycerin spritz?
Is this just plain old glycerin from the drugstore or glycerin from the health food store?
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So do you need to seal if you use the glycerin spritz?
Originally Posted by CocoT
I didn't and my hair stayed soft for a very long time.

Is this just plain old glycerin from the drugstore or glycerin from the health food store?
Originally Posted by nana_banana
I use 100% Vegetable Glycerin. I got it from GNC I think. I know that Wholefoods also has glycerin. I can't speak on the results of any other glycerin.
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Originally Posted by subbrock
Hate me? Love me? then Follow me!

what ratios of water and glycerin are you all using?
Originally Posted by luvmylocs
I use about half water and half glycerin or I use 1/3 glycerin and 2/3 water.
Originally Posted by Cali Chik
Those are the ratios I use, too.
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