Cali girl preparing for southern humidity

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Thanks again for the responses. I'm really glad you asked about the stretched out styles Kinky Rhonnie, because I was planning on doing some stretched out styles in ATL but if it's going to turn into a nest, there's really no point. I'm just going to bring my container or KCCC and about 2 bottles of KCKT with me, along with some sort of moisturizing spritz. I watched a ShidaNatural video today on how she got 5-day hair with her KCKT/KCCC combination and she spritz her hair every day. Do yall have any suggestions for a good spritz, homemade or store bought.
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Do yall have any suggestions for a good spritz, homemade or store bought.
Originally Posted by ebzonix
My spritz mix is warm water, aohr, and castor oil. I just started adding glycerin back to it within the past two weeks. I never measure but I'd suggest about 1 tablespoon of each.

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I was a born and raised Cali girl who moved to the South almost 10 years ago. Your hair will be fine down here. The only "problems" humidity can cause is if you want your hair to be straight or you want your curls to be super defined. File both of these things under not gonna happen. However there are lots of styles that you can rock. The humidity in the air will keep your hair moist so that is a plus.
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Hi Cali lady,

My recommendation is that you bring a couple head bands and hair ties. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and I've lived in GA for about 20 years. GA is humid and T&T is double the humidty.

So far this season I've been doing quick and easy hair buns, I put on a head band to give a polished look. My hair is tightly coiled but very fine, so I don't need to work too much to get it into a bun.

Caster oil and water work well for smoothing fly aways.

Enjoy your visit!
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Cali Girl, I'm a North Carolinian too and I have found that Glycerin and water as a spritz as well as Ecostyler gel gives me super curls and a great hold all day. I refresh it with the spritz or just wet my hair in the shower and re-do the spritz and gel. I also agree with the head bands to keep it off of your neck. The humidity is my friend so I may be in the minority (how did that happen?!)! I like big hair and i can get it with veyr little frizz this way. By the way, I'm a 4a, super fine, low porosity. My hair loves henna and protein. They make it stronger.

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