I need help!

I havent posted a question on here in God knows when. After reading, researching blogs, ect. I considered myself a hair guru in my own right. I've been able to take care of my hair myself without assistance for a while now. However....................

Lately my hair is just not acting right. I dont know if its the summer humidity, lack of protein (I'm protein sensitive so I cut all that out), or if I just need to change my rountine. No matter how I style my hair its frizzy with no definition. My usual style is the braid n curl. I have been rocking this style for a year with no problems. It used to turn out soft, moisturized, bouncy, defined curls everytime. Now everytime looks horrible. I only wear the style for a day because I hate the way it looks. I switch products sometimes but my routine stays the same.

Maybe you ladies can help me??? Below is my routine:

Co-wash once a week with either Suave or V05
One a month prepoo with oil then shampoo with non sulfate shampoo
Deep condition with AOHSR mixed with honey & castor oil
Moisturize and seal with KBB Hair Milk or whatever condish I have on hand. Seal with coconut oil
Air dry in low pony or bun
The next day I prepare for a braid n curl by sectioning dry hair applying condish and sealing w/ coconut oil then proceed to braid roll the ends on rods.

This is no longer working for me. I need help to figure out what needs to change.

Any suggestions?????
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Is the problem how it looks or how it feels? Your hair may have grown out too much and you need to change how you style it.
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Is the problem how it looks or how it feels? Your hair may have grown out too much and you need to change how you style it.
Originally Posted by ellepixie
styling was my problem...

in-between length hair is no fun. since i'm not a creative hair styling person, i was extra lost. i've decided to work with my hair rather than fight it or do BC #3.
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I would say the way it looks and feels. My hair strechted is about bsl. I didnt think it was too long for a braid n curl
3c/4a Relaxer free since 04!
You are definitely using quality products so it could be just a change of the seasons.

Have you clarified your hair lately?

When I clarify, my hair seems to act better.

To clarify, I just add backing soda to my cowash because my hair HATES ALL shampoo.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I need to start incorporating shampoo back into my routine. I stopped for a while. Now I wash weekly with a sulfate free shampoo.

My hair is responding better
3c/4a Relaxer free since 04!
I personally like shampooing my hair and I have better results when I do so regularly (once a week or once every two weeks). It seems to "re-set" my hair.
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