How long does it take you to do your hair?

Now maybe because my hair is ear top length my detangling session is so short or maybe I'm just doing it wrong but I detangle while I''m in the shower and it only takes like 5 minutes. However when I put my hair in twists, it takes like two-three hours. I do my hair once a week
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It really depends...I wear my hair in twists 95% of the time and though my hair is still on the short side (just 5 inches) it's dense (thick) so it takes me a minute to twist it.

I put in small to medium-sized twist when I do individual two-strand twists because I think this looks better for hanging styles on me. Just this process alone is going to take me about 2 or more hours.

When I flat twist, I make the twist fatter mainly because I generally wear it flat twisted back into a bun style. The fatter flat twist look better (on me) when wearing it back. So the flat twist bun takes me less time (1 to 1 1/2 hours). This is my staple style when I'm at work. During the summer, I am off work since I work in a local school district and so I do more individual two strand twist styles since I have more time to play with my hair.

On the flip side, I do have a husband and three boys all under the age of 12 years. They are a rambunctious lot (to say the least)!

On Saturday night, I apply my prepoo and use a heat cap to help it penetrate for 10 minutes then I finger detangle, shampoo and condition then detangle some more under running water with a wide tooth comb and modified Denman brush then finally apply deep conditioner. I used to deep condition with heat cap for 30 minutes, rinse, apply leave-in then style into the twists, but now I'm starting to keep the deep conditioner in overnight, rinsing it out early on Sunday morning; applying the leave-in then styling into individual two strand twist. I do this once a week and generally wake up early enough to have it all completed before we leave for church (this Sunday was an exception, I overslept and got a late start on the hair so we missed church )

My husband understands that I am passionate about hair in general, but especially about my own. He is supportive of my "marathon hair sessions" as he calls them. It's a labor of love for sure but so worth it in my opinion. The results of my TLC will show themselves with time unlike when my hair was relaxed and all I had to show for it was overprocessed hair that wouldn't grow past my upper shoulder blades though I spent inordinate amounts of time in the beauty salon "getting my hair did".


YIKES: Just realised this is an essay!!

Hey ladies, just wanted your opinion on something. I was talking to some non-naturals the other day describing my routine, and they balked when I said I spend 2.5 hours a week on my dense, bsl-when-stretched hair.

I generally wash my hair every sunday night, and tend to dc every time I wash without fail. I shampoo or cowash, then deep condition for an hour (although I've recently started doing this the other way round and find it works quite well for me), detangle then put it into 4-6 braids, rinse with the braids in, then take out each section, apply leave-in and then moisturiser (my hair does not co-operate unless I do both these stages), and then twist or braid each section with styling product into smaller sections to dry (about 15-20 twists). All this, including the DC takes a total of about 2.5 hours, and I generally don't do anything else to my hair until the next wash day except moisturise and pineapple.

I tend to do all this on a sunday evening in front of the tv, and apart from detangling, I quite like playing with my hair, so don't mind this at all. But I just wondered if my routine sounded overly complicated to anyone else here and if anyone's routine was shorter (bear in mind I avoid wash n go's because my hair tangles like mad), or if the girls' arguments were just standard relaxed girls' views? I was trying to explain the benefits of natural hair. Well, the main one is that my hair is healthier and happier, and I actually prefer the way natural hair looks on me to relaxed hair, and I think its is worth the effort even if it does take longer to do than when it was relaxed (although I have been natural for 11 years, so actually don't remember what my routine was like, or how long it took to do, when I was relaxed).

One of the girls (who is natural under her weave but who has never shown her hair to anyone apart from the hairdresser) said to me 'I could just spend 3 hours getting my hair put in braids, and wouldn't have to worry about it for 6 weeks', and I thought 'yeah, I could do that too, and I do sometimes, but generally like my own hair and would rather have it out'

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, and most people on NC will share my views on why it is worth spending time on hair, but this post is partly just to vent, but also partly to ask how long everyone else spends on their hair. Maybe if there are shorter routines and I could talk about them, then people wouldn't use the 'its too time-consuming' argument- although something tells me there would just be a million more excuses for why relaxed hair/braids/weaves are preferable.
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Once a week, I wash my hair, deep conditioner, detangle, and then sometimes twist. Without the twisting, it will take me less than a hour (as long as I keep up with my detangling, if I skip a week, it will be longer). Excluding time waiting around for my conditioner to sit in my hair. If I twist, add another 30-60 minutes.

On a day to to day basis when I do my hair, it usually takes no more than 15 minutes.
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it doesnt take me long at all to do anything. i cowash every morning, detangle for about 10-15 min and out the shower apply my products and let air dry. just my hair takes about 45 min-hr

On sunday, i apply a heated oil, such as, coconut, olive or lavendar and massage into my scalp for a good 5 minutes and then i apply the rest all over my hair. let sit for about 30 minutes w/ shower cap on and then wash w/ all organic shampoo and condition and then apply products.

This help w/ moisturizing my hair to get ready for the next week and it helps to clarify even tho my shampoo.

The sunday application takes about 1 1/2-2 hrs max, which really isnt a big deal and i let it air dry. i hate diffusers. they make my hair look just ugh

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Depending on what style I'm doing:

- Wash-n-go 5-20 minutes (if I'm showering it's the longer time).

- Rollersets/braidouts: several hours, mostly due to drying time.

- Braids/twists take me anywhere from 1-2 hours.
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It really depends on what I'm doing with my hair.

On a normal wash-n-go day, it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to co-wash, detangle and style my half way to BSL hair.

Yesterday I did a pompadours with a ponytail and that took a little longer because I wasn't to happy with the front at first. I think I spent an extra 8 minutes trying to prefect it. It all depends on the style.

I know when I start to do braid outs (more winter) it will take more time initially, but my mornings following the braid outs will be a little easier.
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Wow, I thought I was the only one that took hours and hours to do my hair. For me since I'm using the poo bars now shampooing is a little longer...

over night or 30 min pre-poo (if I forget to do it over night lol)
15 min shampooing
45 min deep condition
30-45 min to detangle (uninterrupted!)
30-45 to do 10-12 braids

If I can do everything non stop, I could probably get done in 2.5-3 hours. However I'm constantly stopping to tend to 2 little ones so it ends ups taking me 4-5 hours.

I have a question. If I detangle with my DC for 45 minutes and then put a cap on to DC for another 45 minutes will I still get the same DC effect? I was thinking I have to immediately put a plastic cap on with the conditioner on in order for my hair to deep cond.

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I wash and go so as long as it takes for me to shower. My leave-ins and styling products I just slap on. Then I let it air dry. Without the air drying part, it takes about 15 minutes to do my hair.

On multiple day hair, I just pony it up so then it's <5 minutes.
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Wow, I thought I was the only one that took hours and hours to do my hair. For me since I'm using the poo bars now shampooing is a little longer...

over night or 30 min pre-poo (if I forget to do it over night lol)
15 min shampooing
45 min deep condition
30-45 min to detangle (uninterrupted!)
30-45 to do 10-12 braids

If I can do everything non stop, I could probably get done in 2.5-3 hours. However I'm constantly stopping to tend to 2 little ones so it ends ups taking me 4-5 hours.

I have a question. If I detangle with my DC for 45 minutes and then put a cap on to DC for another 45 minutes will I still get the same DC effect? I was thinking I have to immediately put a plastic cap on with the conditioner on in order for my hair to deep cond.
Originally Posted by JahNaturalDezign
No, I detangle with my DC then put on the cap. It makes hair softer and eaier to manipulate when you go to rinse.

Pre-poo overnight/or 1 hr
Shampoo, datangling, conditioning: 1 hr
Twisting: 1 hr- 1 hr 30 min
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Let me first note that my hair ranges from collarbone to armpit length when stretched, it's very multi-textured, and extremely prone to tangling.

On a typical wash day where I'm just cleansing (in the shower), conditioning and detangling (and maybe pinning one section off of my face)--I believe that takes me about 90 minutes from dirty to done.
If it was a rare 2-strand twisting day, I think it takes me another ~2 hours to put in 30-40 twists.
When I deep condition I tend to throw it on and go about my day for unknown hours, so no timing there.
Non-wash days I probably spend a grand total of 10-15 minutes on my hair to braid it for bed, then spritz it, unbraid it and possibly pull it back/up for the day.

I think your 3 hours is pretty good for a whole week. I spent about that or a little more than that in salon time once a week when I was relaxed. Your friends are just extremely low-maintenance with the weaves/braids thing.
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I do wash n go everyday. I co-wash at the beginning of my shower and rinse at the end, and I only detangle every third co-wash (takes about 5mins). As soon as I get out the shower I use a leave-in, moisturizer, gel and shake (takes about 10mins.)

I'm so lazy, I fear and long for shoulder length hair
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On the days i deep condition, its usually a full day (sundays) Ill pre-poo if i didnt the night before.. let that sit a couple hours.. wash & DC, let that sit for an hour or two as well, then rinse & braid!

but on an average wash day, ill wash at night (co wash or shampoo depending on the day) & condition in shower..
then typically apply my product & do a braidout or twistout..

this altogether takes about an hour 30, i do it as im getting ready for bed. Its more convenient because in the mornings all i have to do is take the braids down & fluff (5mins) and go!
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2.5 hours is very good esp for a whole week. My hair is apl and tends to get very knotted easily so I can't just ash-n-go. My routine involves co-washing/detangling then DC and more detangling which can take up from a half hour to an hour tops. Then I twist my hair in medium twists which takes a cpl hours and seal it with oil. Then I let it dry (which takes a whole day) and wear a twist out. So that's about four to five hours and the start of the week. Then during the week I'll re-twist in large twists my hair and rinse it with some water to hydrate it which takes another hour or two. I love playing in my hair but some weeks I just don't have the luxury to pamper it so I leave it in twists for a cpl weeks to catch a break.

I remember being relaxed and it would take me a whole Saturday to get it done at the salon and another six hours for washing/conditioning then DC under a hair dryer followed by a rinse and roller-setting and sitting under the hair dryer again every other week so in comparison it takes me a lot less time now lol so maybe your friends are just a lucky few than can just ignore their scalps like that
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On average, its takes me about 2.5 -3 hours, I can't spend too long on my head cause it will drive me crazy.

I'd say about 1.5 between cowashing/detangling and then twsiting. I haven't found a stable DT/DC yet, so that will definitely add to the time.

And my twists I do medium size, more twists gives me a better twist out, fat one, not so much, just fluffy hair sort twisted out.

i defnitely know the hair has grown since that horrible hair tragedy back in Sept 09.
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I spend maybe 2 hours on my hoair a week. I washing and detangling takes almost and hour, because i put it into sections. Conditioning it takes maybe 30 minutes. And the rest of the time is moisturizing it and figuring out what style i'm going for. I think your spending a good amount of time on your hair. In the morning maybe i spend 5-8 minutes if i don't like how it looks 4 or 3 if i'm just moving it and styling.
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And i am just starting to know my 3c/4a hair better

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I'm not sure, but the twisting is the longest part. That part takes at least two hours, depending on how small the twists are.
My wash and go's usually take about an hour, but anything that involves washing, DCing, then styling into something else other than a WnG, about 2.5 hours.
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My wash/pamper day is sunday where i wash/dc/detangles/style. The entire process takes me ~3 hrs.
25 mins- wash/dc
1hr- detangle with LI
1.5 hr- style in chunky twists

My hair is in between CB & APL stretched, chin length unstretched (10-13").
As my hair grows it takes longer & longer to style. My goal is APL unstretched.... At this rate, it'll take me at least 6 hrs to do wkly.
I've only timed my wng's. It usually takes me anywhere from 2-2.5 hrs. I can't just put product in my hair and go, it's a process. I have to section as I have really thick hair. As I'm putting gel in my hair I comb thru easily with my denman then I separate the curls twirling some around my finger. I thought going natural would be easier. Boy was I wrong.
1 hr to detangle, another 1 hr to do all the other stuff like deep condition, wash, moisturize, then if im blow drying and flat ironing another hr. Smh trynna get a shorter detangle technique down tho.

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