How long does it take you to do your hair?

Prepoo : 5 mins to apply oil, let it sit for about 15 mins
Shampoo & Condition: 10 mins
Deep Condition: Takes about 5 mins to apply I let it sit for 25mins
Rinse out & add Leave In: 10 mins

The length of time I take really depends on what I do next:

Twist (to let hair air dry): 15 mins
Flat twists: 25-30 mins
Conrows: 1 hr

So I'd say about 2hrs in total.
Last Relaxer - 4/8/11 BC - 1/5/12
Poos /Condit -
Shea Moisture (SM) Moisture Retention, Tresemme Naturals, Terressentials
DC - SM Deep Treatment Masque, Aubrey Organics GPB

Leave ins - KCKT, Giovanni DLI
Oils - Castor, Argan, Grapeseed, Shea Butter, Jojoba,
Moisturizers - SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, SM Moisture Mist

My Natural Hair Journey
My hair is an inch or two past collarbone length. The time I spend doing my hair on a weekly basis varies. I have this weird routine going on because I was sick of spending entire weekends on doing mini twists every 3-6 weeks.

On week 1, I would take down my hair, wash, detangle, condition, deep condition, etc. and put into about 38-50 twists in. It would take about 3 or 4 hours.

Week 2, I take down the twists, dampen, and put around 80-120 twists. This will take five to nine hours because I like to take my time and I like the occasional break. Then I leave those in for 2-4 weeks; I wash them once or twice while in twists and that process take about five minutes.

Week 4 or 6, I take down that set and start over.

If I'm wearing a braid-out or twist-out, it takes me 2 hours from start to finish to wash/detangle/install. I keep the style for a week.

I was a fan of wash-and-gos last winter and spent 10-30 minutes everyday on the wng. Washed, conditioned, and detangled once a week for an hour. Interestingly, my hair retained some length during this phase, although not quite as much as it did when I was in protective styles 75% of the time.

Tldr? Overall, it does take a long time, but I have liked every. single. style. that comes out of my hair, on purpose or accidentally. I can't say the same for my hair when it was relaxed, constantly in braids, or in that Godawful jheri curl.
last relaxer 08/08/09
all natural since 7/30/10

Shrinkage happens.

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*Sigh* For-freakin-Ever lol. When I was fully natural in 2009, my hair was tailbone length and would take 5 hours to detangle then 1 or 2 hours to braid/twist. I would usually reserve all of Sunday to do my hair, which is what prompted me to texturize. Now that I am transitioning, I deep condish for 1-2 hours, then begin detangling and it takes about 2 hours then braid which is about 1. So currently it takes on average about 4-5 hours. Seems like alot, but my hair is INCREDIBLY tangle prone hair, whether I do a braidout or a wash and go, or whether I use cones or no cones my hair just tangles Cone free stuff and the braidouts defintely decrease the tangles, and once I get all the relaxed hair off, Im going to further refine what I do so I can try to cut some more time off detangling because it sucks as of now lol.
Super Thick corkscrews and waves. LOVE Elucence MBC, Giovanni 50/50 condish, Qhemet Products, V05 Calming Chamomile Tea Therapy condish, Jessicurl WDT. These are my official HG's that I love oh so much

OP: 2.5 hours on BSL sounds awesome! It takes me like 4 hours to do my hair and it's APL.
Granted I don't know how dense your hair is, but still. I don't think that's a lot of time all.
Almost MBL Coils
spongy, low porosity, dense awesomeness

Shampoo: Curly Kinks Cleansing Cream
Rinse Out/Detangler Conditioner: Aussie Moist, V05 Strawberries and Cream, Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave in Conditioner: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa and Giovanni Direct Leave in
Styler: Eco Styler Krystal and Blue, Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Gel and Flax seed gel
Sealer: Grape seed oil
Deep Conditioner: Curl Junkie Repair Me
Protein Treatment: Karishma and Jamilla Henna
It takes me 3+ hours
  1. pre-poo
  2. cowash
  3. DC and/or special treatment like ayurvedic
  4. shampoo
  5. conditioner
  6. Leave In, Seal
  7. Sectioning
  8. Styling with gel
I don't have detangling issues, strangely enough. I have a wierd head of 4a/b hair that has 3 main textures, 3 sub textures and all of it's coarse and wirey. What takes me so long is sectioning and applying styling products.

That said, my relaxed hair ritual was not much shorter. I prepoo'd with Ojon, washed, DC, rinsed, LI, setting lotion, set hair in rollers, sit under the dryer for 1 hour, flat iron on med setting to get rid of the parts and for a sleek do.

But once I do my hair, I don't have to do anything time consuming until wash day. I sleep on a satin pilllowcase.

If you want healthy strong hair, it's an investment

Let me add:

I had a Caucasian roommate during a year long exchange program. She had babyfine hair that she washed every other day and blew out otherwise it looked greasy and pasted to her head. It took her 45 minutes to an hour. Added up 3-4x a week it = the same amount of time I spent 1x a week.

There's a misconception among a lot of black females about how much time other races spend on their hair and I think that a lot of black women unrealistically long for an ease with haircare that doesn't actually exist, if you want your hair to look a certain way. This is the motivation around hairdos that can last weeks, which btw, is terrible for your scalp and hair and does not promote healthy hair and growth. The tendency is to forget that hair grows from the scalp and the scalp is composed of five layers, of which the outermost layer is skin.

We think too much in terms of only hair and a hairstyle, instead adhering to a regimen to keep our scalp cleansed and refreshed as well as stimulated. A haircare regimen is part of your basic hygiene regimen. That's the way I see it.

Also, the longer your hair is, the longer it takes. When I bc'd last summer to an 1/8th of an inch, my conditioning ritual took the most time, styling taking only minutes. When I get to the point where styling is too much of a hassle as I age, then I will be wearing my hair short.

But for long hair to look good, it's a commitment.
On my near mid back length hair, it takes 15 minutes to loosely detangle and section for washing, 45 minutes to wash, condition and detangle and 60 minutes for twists, a little less for a wash n go. If I am doing TCM, it takes almost 3 hours! So on average, 2 hours.
3c/4a, low porosity
Detangler: Whole leaf AVJ
Shampoo: Kinky Curly Come Clean
Rinse Out Conditioners: Trader Joe Nourish Spa or V05 MM
Leave In Conditioner: KCKT, Elucence MB
Deep Conditioner: Add honey and olive oil to any conditioner
Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root or Amla Heavy Oil
Stylers: Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Eco Custard (eco styler gel + olive oil), Jane Carter Curl Cream
Oils: Olive, jojoba, coconut
Butters: NONE!
On wash and detangle day, it will take me about 20-30 minutes of "work". If you factor in the time I take to have my deep conditioner sit in, it would be 1-2 hours depending on my mood (and much I want to deep condition for). I do this once or twice a week, depending on how my hair feels.

Almost every day, I conditioner rinse my hair and style. Conditioner rinsing is only a minute or two (I let it sit in my hair the whole time I'm in the shower, though). To style my hair, it's normally no more than 5 minutes. 10 minutes at the max if I want an intricate style, but that's rare. If I spend more than 10 minutes styling (i.e, manipulating) my hair, it becomes frizzy.

IF I twist or braid my hair, which I rarely do, it might take me an hour or two to complete. Taking them down takes only 10-15 minutes.
Hair type: Mostly 3C, medium porosity to high porosity depending on the day, dense, fluffy, dry, tangly!

I'm finding that for most naturals Sunday is DC's like we're all performing a national ritual lmao... It takes me about 1.5 hours to detangle , then I leave the DC under a plastic cap for 30...then 10 mins in the shower... and another 15 for styling...My hair is almost ear length stretched idk what I'm going to when its at my goal I think 2.5 hours for BSL is amazing! hopefully one day I'll be that good...
BC ~ August 2010 ~ GOAL ~ hip/tail bone length
Current Length: 12 inches
3b/3c VERY naturally porous hair

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