Justifiable Homicide

That was too cute!!! At first I was like aw heeeeeeeellll naw, but then she revealed the joke. Loved it.
BC'ed: 26 Dec 09

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This is so sad, adults imposing their standards of beauty on our innocent children to make things "easier" for them. I remember my grandmother and aunt tried to perm my hair behind my mom's back when I spent a summer with them thankfully my mom stepped in before it was too late but still the nerve! The good thing is that she's young and there's plenty of cute styles like braids and twists and it should transition relatively quickly hopefully.
Hair Type: Who knows?
Last Relaxer: Spring 2008 (idk what date)
BC'd: January 15, 2010

Transitioned: Spring 2008 - January 2010 - 18+ mos.

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