"Unrefined" shea butter. Did I get ripped off? (long post, beware!)

I went to this african/caribbean store for some ivory shea butter because I wanted to see if there's any difference between this and the yellow stuff. I didn't really think to check it out in the store because last time I purchased it from this place, the shea butter was just fine (hell, the owner even ate some right in front of me!). Plus, they were closing up, so I didn't want to be rude. However, I don't know if I got a bad batch or what. Another thing I'm worried about is that it looked like it was previously sealed and then opened. Like, there's strips of plastic around the edges...

I don't know what it is, but this seems...different. It's a lot greasier than my yellow shea butter, not to mention gritty (although it smoothed out when it melted). I whipped some up and it makes my hair soft, but very, very greasy. Maybe I used too much? Here's what it looks like:

<-There's a strip of bright white near the bottom...should I be worried?

<- In some of it on my finger. My fingers aren't that humongous in real life, I promise. lol

<- Seems to melt fine.

Comparison to yellow shea butter I have.

<- The white stuff, after scooping some out.

<- Smoothed down with a spoon. The next picture is when I scooped it up.


Is is fake, or am I overreacting?
1. The container may be "reused" (go green lol)

2. If shea butter is allowed to melt then resolidify at room temp it will be grainy.

I had this happen to me so... When I make my shea mixes I put them in the fridge to resolidify
It sounds like you got African butter the first time and shea butter the second time. Check out this video.

Finally 100% natural. I'm embracing my curls.

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