how can i keep my hair moisturized and soft after its dry

Thanks! Will do

You can check for dew points in your area.
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wow thanks for this tip on kinky curly...I might have to retry it then.

When using Kinky Curly I do not mix with ANYTHING because you will not get the same results. I have tried it and ended up with a bunch of white clumps. No ma'm it was not pretty. If you check the website it also states not to mix with oils or other products.

However Kinky Curly is easily refreshed with just plain water. I did get wild once and used Rose Water but no oils, gels, glycerins, butters, or anything other than water or other KC products.

At night time I spray with water and bun the hair. Else I just do nothing and do it in the a.m. By day four and five I will also spray some KC Spiral Spritz on my hand and apply to areas where the product is gone. If that doesn't work then I just add a touch of Curling Custard.

There is a youtube video I saw this week I will try to find it and post it. My routine is similar except I think she uses lavender water or something like that.
Originally Posted by DerbyCityNaturals
wow thanks so much for the tip on kinky curly..I might have to try these products again then!!!
Have you experimented with the LOC method? Liquid, Oil or butter, Cream or water based product. If that does not work, then go back to traditional LCO.

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