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I was reading an article on here about castor oil because I wanted to know what was so great about it. It's the oil i hear the most about from natural next to evoo... It said it caused build up that could only be removed by shampoo.. This seems wierd to me since most of us try to aviod shampoo or shampoo with sulfates.. Has anyone noticed this build up when using castor oil? Also could you include what brand you use in your response maybe it makes a difference..
I wash weekly with a natural soap & follow with a vinegar rinse...haven't had any problem.
Castor oil can build up because it's thick - basically anything heavy/thick that you put on your hair can cause build up if used too often. I also use a non sulfate shampoo, but I have gotten build up from using JBCO - I can tell because when it builds up my conditioner will kind of "stick" to my scalp. When that happens, I just hop right back in the shower and do a quick shampoo and scrub my scalp. No biggie.

I like using it for scalp massages at night, but it's too thick for me to use when styling.
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thanks for the info ladies.. I wanted to make sure i didnt have to use a sulfate shampoo... i saw a blogger do a castor oil challenge and she had great results even though she had to cut back on her weekly usage.. I wish i could find the damn link grrr
I only use castor oil to seal my leave-in's. It's way too thick to use everyday. The brand is heritage products, and I get it from my local health food store. If I feel like I need an oil after that I use coconut oil. I like it, but it does have a different feel from the other oils. It kind of reminds me of jojoba because it is viscous--thick.
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I'm curious to know how others use it as well. I usually put it on my scalp as I'm taking out my braids. It just seems way to thick to rub throughout my hair.
I just started using it im loving it so far! My hair is retaining moisture so much better. I either use hairveda cocasta oil or plain castor thinned out a little with almond.

I use it over my leave in on braidouts & thats all i need. Im actually quite generous with it for my hair to be fine. I wash every two days, alternating poo-bars with cowashes and i have not experienced any buildup so far.
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When I use it, I mix about a nickle size amount in my hand with my leave-in and apply to my hair.
I use castor oil in my oil rinses. After I shampoo, I apply it to sectioned hair, leave on for like 5 minutes, rinse and apply my conditioner. I haven't had a problem with it and I've been using it for a little over 2 years.

I am using it on my edges and the top of my scalp to thicken them up. I have had no build up that a co-wash did not take care of. I sometimes thin the castor oil with grapeseed if I want to oil my whole scalp.
I love caster oil! I've been using it for almost a year and have not noticed any build up. In fact I find it to be very water soluable.
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hmm very interesting ladies.. i thought it was just used to seal but i see its much more versatile... im going to try it when i find some! ::sigh::
I've just started using it and there is NO WAY I can use this as a styler. It's way to heavy. I've been using this on my ends in between styles or mixed in with my deep conditioner. I've been trying to save money on deep conditioners (most of the cheap drugstore ones are no where near moisturizing enough for me) but a little Castor oil makes it about as moisturizing as DTs I've been 15+ on.

If you don't mind not using black castor oil (considered the purest) you can find it for CHEAP at the drugstore. It's stored with the laxatives.

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I've used castor oil for the past year and a half and have NEVER experience buildup and I'm a no-pooer because it's cause my hair sever dryness and breakage.

I use is consistently to seal. But at one time I participated in a four month growth challenge by applying it to my scalp to my scalp twice a week. Occasionally during a styling session I'll coat my entire hair strand with it (did this last week) on top of my leave-in and moisturizer.

I LOVE Castor Oil. My hair soaks it up. It helps my hair to retain moisture and my hair never has build up following a no poo routine.

Here's a short article I wrote on it:

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