Best Eco Styler Styling Gel?

A friend told me that the Eco Styler Krystal Styling gel is the absolute best styling gel EVER! Only problem is...Her hair is somewhere around 2c and mine's 3c/4a I also hear that Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel is REALLY good....

Basically, have you guys tried any of them? If so, which one worked for you?
when my hair was short (right after bc), i used krystal clear. now that my hair is longer... for buns and twists i use the olive oil version. although they both give a hold rating of 10, the olive oil version has a lighter hold.
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I used to use the clear one but found it too drying. I prefer the olive oil one. It's better in my opinion.
Noodle - do a search of this forum and the one with reader's product reviews. There was a spirited debate on this last year and will help. People went into every single version of EcoStyler available - pink, clear, brown, blue, yellow and olive oil. It was informative, to say the least.
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I also agree that the Olive Oil (green) version is best.
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Okay, I'll be the oddball. I prefer the Klear. Love it. The only other one I've used is the Olive Oil. For whatever reason, depending on what I use underneath, the Olive Oil can be a tad drying on my hair.
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I tried to do a wash and go a few days ago with the eco styler gel. I'm not sure if its called krystal, but its clear. But when I put it on my hair and used my leave in It got flakey. I didn't like it :/
Eco w/Olive Oil I find has the best hold for thicker hair , but that's just me
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I have the pink and the olive oil. I don't really do wash and go's because I'm lazy. Lol. But to slick back my hair I use the olive oil one. It's better for me, IMO. The pink was kinda a last minute thing, because I didn't have my olive oil gel with me.

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I think my hair likes cones...
I use the Eco Styler for color treated hair. It is blue. The Eco Styler krystal isn't too bad, but the Olive Oil makes my hair hard as a brick for some reason. I kinda stop using them all though in favor of regular Aloe Vera Gel.
Thanks guys . . . Also, I was wondering if any of the Eco Styler Gels had enough hold for a twist out/braid out.
well ive been loving the olive oil one just to slick back edges and flyaways but recently i put my older version the brown eco styler and it was great through out my hair worked great
I use pink, I like that the best out of the others.

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I've been using the pink for a while now and liked it until yesterday. I used SAMY PURE for my co-wash/leave-in for my daily W-N-G and they did not play well together. My PX didn't have anymore pink (or any other for that matter) last night when I went to restock so I thought that I was going to have to spend the whole night trying to fix my hair for work. Then I remembered the Klear that I smuggled from the states when I came to Japan. I had only used it once and I hated the "dirty dishrag" smell of it, the crunchiness and flakes, but kept it because I paid for it. Well this morning, we spoke, and I told
Ms. Krystal Klear that this was her last chance to get right and be good to my Boomshika. Believe it or not, she listened. I used it straight, unmixed on dripping wet freshly co-washed hair, no leave-in. Defused for 5 minutes and scrunched with Oils of Aloha Kukui oil and left it to blow in the wind. My Boomshika is fierce, soft and well defined!
I love me some Ecostyler! All of them work for me (eventhough I'm still working thru the dirty dishrag thing)
I purchased the Eco Style Krystal Styler 10 gel and it was a little stiff for my hair. I ended up mixing a little almond oil (or whatever oil I have on hand for my skin) and it softened it up a bit.

This was the one

After I purchased it, I didn't know there were more than that one type. I purchased it from my local Sally's and they don't carry anything else from that line - I really want to try the olive oil one.
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@ straightkinky..

"Boomshika"?? LMAOOOO!!!

That's just what I needed! Thanks!
@ straightkinky..

"Boomshika"?? LMAOOOO!!!

That's just what I needed! Thanks!
Originally Posted by Hakim Nuraldin
That's what my SO named my mane!
I'm having the same issue my hair type is like 3c/4a. I got the Eco styler gel the Argen oil styling gel and it does not hold my hair up at all. I want a gel that is really strong and that slicks my hair type. Any help please!!???? In desperate need I know nothing about hair my hairs been natural since I was born. I'm confused.
the olive oil and crystal ones are my favorites
Olive oil :-)

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