Both sides of my hair dont look the same...

My hair has been looking very weird with the left side being longer, having looser curls and much much less dense than the right side. When I apply gel, some sides of the hairs on my left dont curl up. I never relaxed or anything, but I did use to straighten my hair 3 years ago quite a bit, about 6 times in 6 months or more. I just dont understand how it looks so much different than the right side. Even when my hair is wet, the right side has a lot of volume still while the left is weighed down a lot. Also, the right side is way curlier, healthier and looks better. Another thing is that the left side of my hair has a lot of frizz. I dont remember focusing on that side when I straightened my hair, its like that side is heat damaged. Is there something I can do to restore the left side of my hair? Its really bugging me

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I have the same problem! The left side of my hair is MUCH looser and doesn't curl very easily. I flat ironed my hair once in Feb so im hoping that it might be heat damage??

So no advice for you, but I feel your pain!
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Thats the same with me, but I know mine's is heat damage. Even in twists the left side looks thin and wimpy, well the right side curls and is full of volume.
Even when i apply my beloved Shea Moisture Leave In, my right side is like "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and it curls up. While my left side is all Whomp whomp whooooomp
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I think it must be heat damage then, it even looks like it. I've had my hair like this for 3 years, so I guess the only way is to grow it out? That will take long, but oh well.
What side of your head do you sleep on? I know the side I sleep on is always funky looking.

I actually sleep on the right side more. Its weird because its not really affected.
Im transitioning and i notice the same thing
The left side of my head..the curls are way looser and easy to comb..its so loose that in the beginning i thought that my hair wasnt growing on that side because it was so straight and didnt look like the hair on the right. I think its just the type of hair ..its just looser.
I dont use heat so I know its not heat damage.
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i was just going to make a post about this i have the same thing going on. its not heat damage or anything. one side is like a curly wave thing and the other side is curly.
My hair is like this, its definitely heat damage though.. you may not notice but when i thought about it I do think i focus on the left side (the straighter side) more, probably because that is the side i start on & by the time i get to the right im tired so im not as hard on it? idk!

I cant do wash and gos because of it, they look stupid.. i am the braidout queen! I thought this was just my natural texture for the longest until I stopped straightening in May & got back on these boards and realized it. Also ive got a good 2-3 inches of new growth thats curly, and its the same texture on both sides.. ive done tons of deep conditioning and protein treatments & its still there, so I guess the only option for us is to grow it out!

Heat damage is a bish.
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