Ayurvedic herbs and SD/Eczema

Oh yes, it is difficult and takes planning...and yes, too much sugar will also bother my skin. I cook all of my meals...but there are so many good alternatives now available. I keep it simple.

You could wean yourself gradually, and take one day at a time. Make homemade soups in bulk, find a good gluten free cereal and use coconut, almond or rice milk on it. My favorite is So Delicious Vanilla Coconut milk. Have mostly veggies, a bit of brown rice (my favorite is California Style Basmati) and a protein for dinner.

I forgot to mention soy...it can also cause a lot of problems for some people. I also avoid soy.

Oh...have you tried probiotics or fish, cod liver or krill oil? Probiotics have been very helpful for me, along with vitamin B-12. I don't take a lot of supplements, but these two are my mainstays. I need to resume my cod liver oil.
Originally Posted by Zinnia
I actually purchased some fish oil pills a few weeks ago. I've been meaning to start taking them more regularly.

Thanks for the tips.
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Oh yes, supplements. In addition to the fish oil, flax and borage oil. There are many companies that make a combo in one supplement. The borage oil is a great eczema fighter.

And it's not the wheat I avoid, but I have noticed when I avoid cow's milk (I drink soy milk) I do better.
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