DIY hair steamer?

I'm really curious to try steaming my hair but do not have the 100+ dollars to shell out for a machine. Has anyone ever tried to cobble together a hair steamer from stuff they had around the house? I'm thinking maybe something rigged with an electric tea kettle..has anyone had luck with this? Or will I just end up electrocuting myself?

(And is it bad that the first thing I think of is that electrocuting will just make my hair frizzier?)
Using an electric tea-kettle sounds kinda dangerous.

Here's a safer idea I found:
Make Your Own Hair Steamer

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If you have a hooded dryer, here's another steaming method that works pretty good. It is not the same as buying an actual steamer because I have tried both. However, I understand if the funds are tight then this is a good option.

You will need the following:
two face towels
two plastic shower/processing caps
hooded dryer

The first thing I do is wet my hair and add deep conditioner. Then wet both face towels with warm water. You want them wet, but necessarily dripping wet because they will drip while you are under the dryer. Also wet the shower caps with warm water, again just a little water does not have to be soaking wet. Take one face towel and place it on top of your head. Then add the shower cap. Then place the second wet towel on top of your head. Add the final wet shower cap. Sit under the hooded dryer. I would recommend sitting under the dryer for 20-30 minutes on high.

Good luck

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