Hair removal methods (epilating?)

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you can find information about hair removal in here:
מכשיר להסרת שיער
I have an epilator and I think it makes hair removal a lot easier. I have the Silk Epil Braun too. It hurt like HELL when I did my armpits for the first time but it's definitely worth it. My armpits aren't as dark from the hair beneath the surface and its usually a week or more before I have to epilate again. When I used to shave I had to shave them every other day. I've used it on my legs too. I like that I can go for weeks without hair removal but on the down side it takes forever to get rid of all the hair. So if I have to go somewhere quick I just shave. For the bikini area I'd rather wax. Epilating is extreeeemely slow and I just can't deal with that around my lady bits.
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I hate shaving. I feel the hair the next day. I bought an epilator and epilated(?) my armpits and it hurt so much. I decided to just wax it myself and I love it so much more than the other two options. My armpits used to be so dark. This is going to sound disgusting but when I waxed it took some of the darkness away like I saw some of the darkness on the paper. Now my armpits are almost the same color as my skin. Waxing really helped with my super dark armpits. My armpit hair used to be so thick, it had like 2 strands of hair at once and now it is much thinner. When summer comes, I am going to wax my legs.

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