Satin Scarf Braid Out

Has anyone tried this I found it on Youtube

Braidout Tutorial - Satin Scarf and 3 Single Braids/ Plaits - Fast & Easy by Zanandrob
i would never get the scarf out if i were to try that...

the results don't look that different than the result of braiding without the scarf would.
It's kind of difficult to determine the end result on naturally curly hair since the YT creator is straight. My D has the length while curly, but I don't know, you may end up with a bit of frizz or lack of definition unless more sections are used.
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Here's a Youtube link to a natural who tried this method, and her hair came out very beautiful.

YouTube - VBlog 2: Satin Scarf Braid-Out
What is the point of using the scarf? I have been tryna figure that out

I tried it a few months ago and I think it could work on natural hair. I didn't have a great result, but I did find that setting my hair on the scarf was very gentle on the ends of my hair. I think for me, with more practice (and longer hair) this could work well.
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I tried it and had waves however my hair really needed to be much longer. The point, from my point of view, is not just another option for setting my natural hair, but getting information.
What is the point of using the scarf? I have been tryna figure that out
Originally Posted by Mslizzia
i was trying to figure that out too... until i watched her comparison vid w/ a regular braidout and the scarf one... if i were her i'd use the scarf too. i wonder what made her try it though, like how'd she get the idea
i'm afraid my hair would eat the scarf lol (just the other day i had to cut a scrunchy out of it) but i think i'll try this when i have 2 or 3 more inches worth of growth... or whenever i buy some new scarves

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