Straightened Hair for the 1st Time.. I have a question!

Hello all! I straightened my hair yesterday for the first time since going natural and I loved the results even though it's not something I plan on doing often.

My question is what do you do to keep your hair from poofing up/reverting quickly? Any products/methods/etc. that help?

My hair was looking great and then I accidentally fell asleep(with a bonnet but still) and when I woke up it was still "straight" but it was poofy and straight lololol.

Here are pics before my nap haha:

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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First off, I LOVE THE BOONDOCKS. End on that.

Secondly, you are very pretty! Anyway, don't use water based products. That's asking for trouble.

Any other tips I wish I had; unfortunately I'm not that knowledgeable in hair straightening. I just know to use a heat protectant and all that good stuff. Sorry

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I dont know a thing about it, lol

I just wanted to comment that your hair is growing so well and looking FAB!
When I flat iron I HAVE to use a heat protectant with silicones etc. Right now I'm using Redken Align 12 straightening balm. in it...otherwise it starts reverting almost immediately. Another thing that helps it stay straight is wrapping it. I usually wrap it right after I flat iron to get it straighter and give it more body. HTH
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Thanks for the compliments ladies lol. (and I love the Boondocks too itsKelCeeEee! I have saved the Christmas episode since last year on my DVR and I'm gonna watch it again on Christmas day lol)

D_Marie I used Tresemme heat protectant and I'm too lazy to get up and see if it has silicones in it. I also wrapped my hair before I put it in the bonnet. I'll check out that Redken product you mentioned though. Thanks!
life has no limitations, except the ones you make.
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My Fotki Page is here!

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