Hairspiration Naturalremedy cut off all her hair!!!

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For anyone who is interested, I just found out that one of my favorite curlies cut off all her hair. I was in shock.
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Good for her! Sometimes you just need a change. It looks good on her. I wish I could wear short hair.
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Good for her! Sometimes you just need a change. It looks good on her. I wish I could wear short hair.
Originally Posted by afrosheenqueen
She looks awesome!

@bolded: too. My head is too big, and I have a long face.
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Seems like everyone these days is going super short.. I think she looks great.

And to those saying "I can't"... why not? Big head means big brain right?
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Oooh...she is fine with short hair! Go on girl!!
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She really looks great!
Both styles are cute on her!
And she looks darn good!
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I like her better with short hair
Originally Posted by kayb
me too!

i have a long face and arguably a big head too LOL but i know i look better with short hair. most people with long faces actually look better with shorter hair because longer hair really exaggerates our face shape.
I think she looks better with the short hair too. I loved it when my hair was that short unfortunately I looked like a 12 year old.
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This cut is too damn sexy! Go 'head girl!
i agree, she looks great!
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I love her new haircut. Would never have thought all that hair came from her head!
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looks fantastic!
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Good for her! Sometimes you just need a change. It looks good on her. I wish I could wear short hair.
Originally Posted by afrosheenqueen
Me too. She looks very cute with short hair!
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She looks very pretty......oooo that child had some hair!!
She had one of my favorite heads of hair, but I agree that she looks even more beautiful with the short do!

ETA: Foxy, you have such perfect little curls!

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