How can I get baby soft hair for less than $10?

My hair is practically moisturized almost everyday. I M&S once a day before I put my hair into a curly bun or wear it out. I re-twist my hair once a week, every weekend and I use moisturizing gels like lily of the desert aloe vera gel, ecostyler, or any cheap gel that I can easily mix with water and oil.

I typically don't use deep conditioners b/c most are expensive for my budget or don't really do a good job deep conditioning. I use Suave Professionals conditioners mixed with oils or Tresemme and Aussie conditioners or the Aussie dc but my hair still feels like it normally did...which is kind of tangly with a couple of fairy knots and not as soft as I would like it to be.

What are some good conditioners or deep conditioners that can easily be found at the drugstore or the bss for less than $10 and can make 3c/4a baby soft?
It's not from a bbs or a drug store, but Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner is a great deep conditioner and you can find it at most health food stores for around $8. I like to mix it castor oil (long lasting and you can get it cheap from the drugstore (note: it won't be the fancy organic kind but I haven't had trouble with it))

Based on your description of what you do to your hair, it doesn't look like you're using a leave in conditioner or sealing. That coupled with weekly deep conditioning makes my hair baby soft.

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I agree with AO Honeysuckle Rose. Another cheap deep condish is the deep treatment masque from Target...its 9.99. There a lots of threads on here about both.
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i also agree with the AOHR. I also started experimenting with steaming using the towel/cap/towel/cap method ('cause i cant afford a steamer right now) and honestly the best Deep Cs i've ever gotten. i think the AOHR is good too because i've tried steaming with a different condish (Lustrasilk) and it was jus ok so i think AOHR was a good buy for me. After DCing, i apply my leave in and seal. Instead of daily i now moisturize & seal every 2-3 days and detangling is much easier for me on wash day.
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Deep Condish: AOHSR
Protein DC: AOGPB
Stylers: Raw Shea butter mixed with Shea Moisture leave in
Spritz: water, EMBC, aloe, castor oil, glycerin
Coconut, Vatika, JBCO
Want to try: GDLI
Other than the AOHR already mentioned, I like the Lustrasilk Shea & Mango condish with adding olive oil & honey on my own. I have found that adding these ups the moisture in even mediocre products. This winter I have been sitting under a hooded dryer with it & getting good results. HTH!

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