Hot Head Thermal Heating Caps

Have any of you ladies tried these? I'm mad the only design I want is out of stock because of issues with the supplier about the fabric. They dont use the standard gel packs you heat but instead use flax seeds to sustain the heat. My only issue is that you cant wash them... theres only so much spot cleaning you can do before its just plain dirty.

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Hot Head thermal hair care HEAT CAPS by hothead123 on Etsy

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thanks though this was the video that got me interested:

YouTube - Hot Head Cap Review

Just wondering if anyone here has tried it with success.
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I contacted Hot head seller personally because I wanna know if it is really hot, big enough for my thick hair, etc. She told it was fine and I looked at all youtube videos but I still don't feel comfortable. None of them have thick hair . I only find one video with thick hair , I will ask her personally in youtube. Hair Therapy Wrap been wonderful but lately tails is shorter during to my thick hair that is why I am worrying abt hot head. I don't want waste any money.

Hot head looks like it has elastic cap to leave my forehead marked?

I found other etsy that sell similar thang but she doesnt have feedback yet, I assume she just opens. It is calling Organic Deep conditioner thermal cap for only 19.99 , I am interested!

P.S. I read a lot of comments on etsy abt hot head that say her shipping is on fence? She is not really a great seller , she would not keep her store opened all times. She been on and off
I picked up one a year ago during a sale. I like it. it makes deep conditioning with heat pretty convenient. You still need to used plastic conditioning caps or wrap your hair in Saran wrap then heat the cap on the microwave for 90 sec to 2 mins and away you go. I usually reheat once after about 15 mins.
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