What do you think of Hollywood Beauty hair moisturizers?

I use Hollywood Beauty Olive oil in the small clear bottle with green oil, and bioinfusion to moisturize my hair.
I think these are good for moisturizing

I've never used Hollywood Beauty carrot oil/tea tree oil/etc (or the other oils in this brand)
are they about the same as the olive oil?

Also the Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil Creme, does that moisturize well?

Just wondering, because i don't see many ratings or reviews about the Hollywood Beauty products
It sure does as well as the carrot one . I used to stay using the hollywood olive oil creme and the carrot one.

If i had to use it , i would go right back to them
I used the olive oil one for some time. I liked it quite well, but it has some ingredients in it that I personally am trying to avoid. I used it up by using it as a treatment before shampooing.

As for the oils, I find that most of them have several other ingredients BEFORE the oils they purport to contain, but not the carrot one, so I do use that one.. It has quite a few beneficial oils, no parabens, no silicone, etc. I have pre-pooed with it, I add some to condish to pump it up, seal my ends with it after moisturizing.
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I try to stay away from parabens, but I love the Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil so much. Besides, they've helped tremendiously with me not being able to wash my hair every other day in these micro braids.

I know a lot of people love the Trader Joe's and/or Whole Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil but uh...I'm poor and can't make it to Whole Foods all the time, so yeah. Haha

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