Puffy Ends?

Hello Curly Divas,

I have a problem. I want to two strand twist or mini braid my hair but my ends are puffy. I even tried twisting all the way to the ends but its still the same and twisting smaller twists, Any suggestions ladies? I'd really like to do something besides puffs
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I see that you've tried small twists but maybe smaller braids combined with twisting the ends would help. I would try braiding and then twisting the ends like in this video: YouTube - Hair Tutorial: Braid (& twist) Out

You could also try a braid-n-curl(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu0QksgCva4)or a twist-n-curl(YouTube - Tutorial: Twist n' Curl (TnC); Curly Nikki Inspired).

Good luck.
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To avoid puffy ends when I dry twist, I water spritz the hair very lightly just to soften, smooth a couple sprays of my favorite twisting product down the section and twist until about 1/2-1" is left. On each loose end I smooth a creamy moist product with a tad of hold (Afroveda Curl Define, Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Honeybutta leave in), followed by a small dollop of QB Olive Honey Hydrating balm. Then finish twisting. Imagine smoothing the frayed ends of a rope. I set the ends on foam rollers.

To undo the twists, I stretch it out from the tip so it starts to unravel on its own, give it a bit of help until it unravels. Take one unraveled side side, stretch it out and use my finger tips near the roots to loosen an separate the twist. Avoid doing a lot to the ends.

Twist size doesn't matter with this method.
Can't help you on wet twists; mine have been epic fails.
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Sounds like your cuticles could be open. If you're doing wet twists, after condtioning your hair, try rinsing out your conditioner with cold water. Add a leave in condish and then smooth your twisting product down to the ends. Kimmaytube has a leave-in (which she also uses as a styling product) that works pretty good to smooth ends.

On dry hair, I'd probably get a spray bottle and fill it with water and ice and spritz the hair. Then smooth the styling product down to the ends.

Hope that helps!
Thanks ladies. I though about trying her leave in but I didnt have aloe vera juice so maybe next time....and I do think I forgot to rinse with cold water...le sigh...I'll just retwist and cowash them later this week without messing with them too much
I always braid and then twist at the end, hasn't failed me yet. Good luck!! I know puffy ends can be a pain.

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The only time I get puffy ends is when I try and put too much hair in one twist.

Wet/damp hair helps the hair to cling to the product easier plus I twirl the ends with a litle extra product

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