not waiting 24 hours to dye hair...

i have 4b/4c hair...and i bought a dark & lovely coloring kit today...i'm still debating on if i'm going to actually go through with it or not because i've NEVER dyed my hair before.

Anyways, I really want to do it tonight, but I need to wash my hair as well..

Have any of you went against what the box says and washed your hair prior to coloring it - without waiting 24 hours? If so, how did it turn out? Thanks

here's my hair color NOW...

IMG_0127 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (I'm putting in sun kissed brown)
They just say that so your hair will be in the best condition before dying. I never adhere to that rule, and I wouldn't worry about it unless you're going a couple of shades lighter or your hair is in bad condition to start with.
girl , i washed my 4b hair and colored it in the same day , at home . as long as you follow the directions and your hair is already in good shape then theres no problem .
Maybe it's so that when the dye starts stripping stuff off your hair, it may strip the dirt instead of nourishment your hair needs. Like a preventative measure? Just a guess. When I was younger our family would do any process to dirty hair and it would come out less damaged and stripped.
Just a guess, but the ladies have had no side effects, so it might not matter.

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