Changes that made the difference for your hair- 4a/4b version

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I "borrowed" this topic from the 2 forum because it's such a good one. What changes did you make - product use, routine, tools, diet, other - that made a tangible, positive difference to your hair's health, length and/or style?


Using thicker product on dry hair to "refresh"
Occasional shampooing and use of products with a little silicone (don't shoot me!)
Moistening the W&G ends with Loma Imply+ Qhemet OHHB
After wearing W&G for 3-4 days, water spritzing lightly and twisting to stretch hair between washes
Letting my hair lose its curl after 3-4 days of wearing a W&G, applying moisturizing product and oil, brushing and bantu knotting.
No longer color my hair
Shampooing every 3 or so cowashes

Qhemet OHHB
CJ Curls in a Bottle
Loma Pearatin Fortifying Repairative Serum
Mop Top Deep Conditioner
Onesta Moisture Balancing conditioner
Qhemet BRBC & Devacurl SIF

Cardio movement - I teach and take Nia classes - gets the circulation going
Water, water, water

My blog -

Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.

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Section washing
Creamy Conditioners, Buttery Leave ins and thick oils( castor , hempseed , olive oil )

Ayurvedic products
Amla, Brahmi, Fenugreek, Maka, etc.
Clays Rhassoul and Bentonite
Recent Addition *Tangle Teezer
Using heavier products (butters, oils, creams)
Shingling products with a poo brush
Waterwashing instead of cowashing to avoid OC
Shampoo bars
Stretching my WnG's with ponypuffs
Not being obsessed with total frizz control
Cutting dead ends deva style to prevent curl weigh down

QB Karkady Mist
BS Avoacado and Coconut Milk Butter
Donna Marie Super Butter creme
KBB Butter Love
SS Leave-in Protein Spray
Deity USA Plant Shampoo for hair loss
AV Carrotseed Poo Bar
KBN Herbal Hair gel
CJ Curl Rehab
BBB Babassu Cream DC
Type: 3c with some 4a highlighted
Low porosity thick/coarse texture. nml elasticity
Routine: No rules, just happy hair

Cleanse: CJDF, Prell, LUSH Curly Wurly, Bobeam
LI/RO:BBB, CJ, SheaM, HEHIS, Garnier, KBN Shealoe, CD Chocolat, Oyin HH
Styling: CJ, CR, UFD, Zuresh, Ecostyler,MJ


Finger-detangling on damp hair prior to shampooing
Shampooing in 5-7 loosely twisted sections
Sectioning (during detangling, washing, moisturizing and styling)
Keeping hair stretched 99.9% of the time (braid outs, flat twist outs, two-strand twisted bantu knot outs, etc)
Sealing ends

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (leave-in/styler)
Shea Butter/Aloe Vera Gel/Honey mix (end sealant)
Big Chop: 12/15/08

Shampoo: As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo
Conditioner: As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner &
Tresemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner
Leave-In Conditioner: As I Am Leave-In Conditioner & Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner
Moisturizer: As I Am DoubleButter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer
Oils/Butters: Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
Gels: Eco Styler Krystal Gel

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My hair is currently in kinky twist extensions but just before I had them put in, I did the following and it was making a huge difference in my hair:


Finger detangling, then using wide tooth comb. I was losing less hair this way than when I was just using the comb
Washing and styling hair in sections
Cutting down to washing hair only once a week (may increase to twice a week when weather get warmer)
DC after every wash
Using heavier products

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (as a leave in only)
Devacurl Heaven In Hair
Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner
Fine haired, low density, highly porous curly kinky lady
Last relaxer: Not sure. 3/08 or 4/08
BC'd: 9/18/09
Co-wash: Suave Naturals, HEHH, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle, CJ Daily Fix
Leave-In: KCKT, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, CJ Smoothing Lotion
Stylers: ORS Twist and Loc Gel, KCCC, Ecostyler, SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque
Deep Conditioner: DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, CJ Deep Fix

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Protective Styling. This has been the biggest thing for me. I spend half of my work day outside in frigid weather, and this winter I decided to bun my hair and wear a hat while at work.

Tresemme Naturals
GVP Conditioning Balm
SS Protein Treatment
3b/c :: Fine :: Porous

I My Hair
*Protective styling - not so much for length retention or anything, but not overmanipulating my hair and keeping the ends protected helps me avoid the dreaded SSKs.

*Washing/detangling hair in sections

*Finger detangling before washing

*Not being a PJ, LOL. My hair prefers a "less is more" approach, for styling and products. Plus, it keeps a little more $ in my pockets.
4A - dense, medium strands - APL/BSL - 3+ years natural!

YAY!: GF Triple Nutrition Conditioner, YTCu Color Care Conditioner, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, LOTD AV Gel, EVCO, JCN&S, KCCC, buns and updos!
Here's what has been working for me.


1. Washing only 1x per week (this may increase to 2x per week when the weather warms up).
2. Shampooing when my scalp tells me too (w/ and w/o sulfates bepending on product useage)
3. Using heavy products (butters/oils/conditioners/leavins) in the winter and when needed.
4. washing, detangling, and styling in sections.
5. Deep conditioning after every wash
6. Not being afraid to trim away dry/crunch split ends
7. Pre-pooing at night before wash day, epsically if I plan to use a sulfate poo
8. oil rinsing!
9. moisturizing and sealing hair mid week
10. no more WnGs, instead doing twist outs or braid outs to prevent snags and tangles as my hair shrinks and dries.


1. Qhemet OHHB
2. Ohemet AOHC
3. KBB Butter Love
4. Ayurvedic products
5. Henna

The health stuff is a work in progress.....
Wanna talk products? Come Join us here!

Extremely thick, kinky curls/coils that have a mind of thier own!!!!
I like my men and my hair....KINKY!!!!
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wet bunning! i can't sing the praises enough
shea butter
cowashing and shampooing
cutting out braids and twists
tangle city and they look scalpy on me
LOIS (OS); cottony, TYPE 4 hair, fine/med strands; no cones bcz my hair hates them; last relaxer '98; now low porosity, ignores most natural hair rules; BC #8

faves: suave, v05 shampoo, conditioner (my own), raw shea butter, castor oil, peanut oil, aloe juice
* Shampoo once and co-wash once a week for a total of two washings a week.
* DC once a week.
* Sleep on satin.
* Either twist or pineapple at night.
* Stopped doing daily WnG
* Using thick butters to seal my ends.
* Not being afraid to use lots of conditioner or leave-in to detangle (I can always squeeze out the excess).

Homemade DC (made with banana)
APL BSL MBL WL HL TBL | porous, fine/medium strands, medium density
My Fotki!
Below: Typical PS bun
washing in sections
shampooing every wash
switching from heavy shea dc's to light balm consistency dc's
blow drying hair for stretched styles instead of air drying
applying creme moisturizer to wash and go instead of conditioner
applying product in sections instead of just smoothing it over top and in back. that worked when i had a twa only.♥
Last Relaxer: Feb 2009
BC: Feb 2010

my fotki, updated 2.01.11 ♥
Keeping my hands out of my hair for sure!

* Co-washing and shampooing once a week
* Keeping my hair in one style for the whole week
* Dry detangling and twisting before co-washing and shampooing
* Adding protein to my regimen
* Deep conditioning every week
* Sealing with butters instead of oils
Type: 4a...maybe
Normal porosity, fine texture, normal elasticity
CG since 6/10, Last relaxer 8/07

Shampoo: Shea M Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Conditioner: AOHSR, Trader Joe's Nourish Spa
Leave In: Shea M/oil mix, AOHC
Styler: DB Coconut Cupuacu Butter
Deep Treatment: Shea M Restorative Hair Masque, Cassia, Rhassoul Clay
* Using a shower comb to detangle instead of just my fingers
* Sealing my ends with olive oil and add further moisture to my hair after putting on my spray leave-in and my creamy leave-in (Mozeke Whipped Avocado Cream)
* Co-washing every other week
* Switching to a shampoo bar (currently Ayuvedic Herb from Chagrin Valley, but I might try another company once this sample runs out)
* Using my scarf as a pillowcover instead of wearing it to bed
* Going to a salon (Natural Choice in Pittsburgh) which was geared towards natural hair

'Course, there's always room for improvement. Now to work on growing my hair so that it's more versatile and longer.

~ Low manipulation and stretching my hair via braidouts or twistouts are KEY!
~ Absolutely making time to do my hair and taking the time to do my hair, never rushing through it.
~ Recognizing that the time for the WnG has passed for me. Instead I do fluffy 'fros on with old braidout hair by pulling the hair back in a puff at night and then fluffing in the morning as I spritz and touch up the moisture.
~ Flipping styles if I have to go a little longer in between washes
~ Doing everything in sections
~ Oil pre-poo'ing
~ Gently detangling dry with oil covering the hair when I know I have been neglectful
~ Wash once a week typically
~ Using a moisturizing shampoo every time I wash, but subbing for a clarifying shampoo when I notice buildup. Co-washing is done more in the summer when I wash more often.
~ Ayurvedic herbal paste once a week or every other week - my hair KNOWS when it has missed its treatment
~ Deep condition every time I wash my hair (and in 2011 I will get a steamer and use it)
~ Always use a leave-in conditioner
~ Using a heavy cream/butter + oil in winter/a nourishing cream in the summer
~ Pay attention to my ends
~ Scalp massages with an oil to prevent dryness, as needed.
~ Baggy every night.
~ Provide some kind of moisture to my hair daily, either a spritz or a moisturizing cream.
~ Not sure if it makes a difference, but I don't style with heat

Products (The Worthy & The Reliables)
~ JBCO Shampoo/Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo
~ Tresseme Naturals Conditioner/Elucence MBC
~ Ayurvedic Herbs/Rhassoul Clay (my own concoctions)
~ Ori Organics Curl Restorative Masque
~ QB MTCG (leave-in & daily moisturizer)
~ QB AOHC, BRBC/DB Avocado & Plum Twist Cream
~ Varying oils, but mainly hemp seed oil and EVOO
~ Spritzes (my own concoctions or JC Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner)

~ 90% water, 8% juice/fruit smoothie, 2% the ever occasional ginger ale
~ Multivitamin & Herbal supplements
~ Physically exercising is my weak link, but I stay moving
EkuaSoul - Ninja PJ
AyurNatural Beauty
Facebook | Blog | Hair

Tangle Teezer to detangle my hair

Ayurvedic Tea rinses have given strength to my hair

Minimal heat added to my hair (I only straighten once a year, stretch my hair by roller-wrap [no heat], then flat iron)

No wash and go's unless I feel like fighting with Bella (Oh me so curly, me detangle long time...)

Twists are my friends, I live in them, and they give my two styles

Cowash in the winter only

SitriNillah -Ultra Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Moist Condition PRO- Daily Protein Enhanced

Acai Berry Phyto- Biofunctional Restorative

Whipped Gelly

Vatika Frosting

Aloe Vera

Shea Butter + Mango Butter mixture

Better (natural) management of PCOS
Natural since July 2009
Hair Type: 4a
Regimen: Ayuverdic + Natural
Blog: A Naturally Kinky-Curvy Cyster

-I have eliminated Co-washing because I felt like I
was detangling too much
- washing my hair every 1-2 weeks rather than once a month
-moisturize every night AND sealing
- keeping my hair stretched because its easier to work with.

-Shea moisture product line
-Shea Butter which my hair loves

A healthy vegan diet and drinking more water. My body loves me for these changes.
Hey there!

Glad to be back after a long hiatus. What a great thread. I actually had a huge setback 10 months ago. I had a lot of breakage (I'm talking, at the scalp, over about 20% of my head) and permanently straight pieces of hair due to extreme heat damage. I trimmed the damage decided to wear a sew-in for the summer months as a protective style while the super short sections grew out. That really helped a lot.

In August, I was happy to lose the weave and have my own natural tresses back. And I made some changes to my regimen that really made a difference in the last half of 2010.

* Protective styling, i.e., buns on stretched hair, french rolls, etc.
* Using less products at a time. I have a lot of staples, but don't use them all together--no more than 3 products at any given wash day (with the exception of henna days).
*Just being more gentle with my hair, overall.

I'm looking forward to enjoying my hair as it continues to regain it's fullness and length in 2011.

I'm back for good this time! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts from me!


BC: November 28, 2008
Tragedy Strikes: March 16, 2010...The Flat-Iron Disaster!!!

Updated (Post-Disaster) Staples:
  • Chagrin Valley Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar
  • Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo
  • Roux Porosity Control Shampoo/Condish
  • V05 Moisture Milks Condish
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Condish
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today
  • Castor Oil & Shea Butter
  • Monthly Henna Treatments
Divide and conquer (co-washing in sections and braids instead of loose all at at once ...same for detangling -working on it a bit at a time)

Calming down about it in general. patience. a certain amount of 'benign neglect' instead of too much fretting and fiddling.

Adding oil to cheapie conditioners & homemade leave in mixes.

Being more heavy-handed/generous with conditioning & moisturizing styling products and realizing that my hair doesn't really get 'weighed down' so i'm pretty much free to go for it.

Wetting my hair more often... shower, sink or spritz. i just can't let it stay bone dry for long stretches.

Not comparing my hair to OPH (other people's hair) I don't think I'll ever find a true 'hair twin' and that's cool now.

Finger-detangling more often than I use the comb or denman brush. maybe at a 2:1 ratio? I don't feel anymore knotty so far for doing this. We'll see.
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
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Nice thread

1. Letting go of the wng unless I am at the beach
2. Finger detangling followed up with my denman and not detangling unless it is a wash day
3. Shampoo my hair weekly in the winter and twice a week in the summer, dc every time especially on my ends.
4. Stop switching products
5. Oil rinsing
6. Regular trims
7. Cotton scarf when I over do it with oil or butters
8. Letting go of shea butter (to heavy for my hair)
9. Oiling my scalp especially when I air dry
10. Watering my hair almost daily.

Bentonite Clay
Tea rinses w/ ayurvedic herbs
Shampoo black soap with neem oil

Last but not least meditation and yoga, I am not sure if it is because my hair changed or my perception of my hair has changed but either way I am much happier and I feel great!
Hair Type: 3c/4a/4b, fine, normal porosity
I'd say that proper moisture balance is what has made all of the difference for my hair. i've been natural for about 2 years but just in the last few months i have started getting the right moisture balance in my hair and wow, what a change. I have just achieved soft, supple hair.

I've also learned that sometimes you may have to revisit somethings that you may have written off. I wrote off Qhemets Hydrating Balm about a year a go, but recently I tried it in desperation and it was like a miracle cure.

Finally, just being open. I have been pretty open to things, while employing common sense of course.
"We Live From the Head Down and Not the Feet Up" ~Donnie

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