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I'm a bit confused about this condition deep condition thing. Are you supposed to condition your hair wash it out then deep condition?or go straight to deep condition? I've been searching the forums but I haven't found my answer. Help
I think it really depends on your hair needs, but my routine is to co-wash first with cheapie conditioner. All of the conditioner is washed out...then I apply my deep conditioner and detangle my hair (each section is then twisted after its detangled). I then throw on my hair therapy wrap for anywhere between 30 mins to an hour. I rinse out the deep condish while hair is still in twists with cool water. I then apply a light leave in condish and proceed to style for the week. HTH.
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Agreed it depends on your hair type. For me if I wash my hair with conditioner that is all I use, so I will rinse my hair for a long time then I will condition it and massage my scalp rinse that and I am done. Once a week I shampoo my scalp with black soap then DC under the dryer for 20 mins. About once a month I clarify my hair with bentonite clay or baking soda and I always DC after that.

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I totally agree! It depends on your hair needs, your schedule, and what you want to do. You can just cowash or cowash then deep condish. You can shampoo then deep condition once a week, that's what I do. You can shampoo then rinse out your conditioner. I usually cowash if I need to wash in the middle of the week, instead of shampoo. Try it out and see what your hair needs! Your hair needs moisture but how much to stay soft and hydrated? You don't have to go by what other people do, just as long as your is moisturized and healthy!
Personally, one can over-condition.

Unless one has uber-dry hair, then a weekly shampoo and rinse-out conditioning, and then a monthly deep conditioning, should be enough.
Every four weeks, I deep condition. I don't deep condition every week. If needed, I do a conditioner wash mid-week, followed with a leave-in conditioner.
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I only wash my hair once a week and I do a conditioner in the shower and I follow w/ a deep condition. Only once a week I can't wash my hair more than once a week the water is too harsh on my hair so I wait to wash it on the weekend when I have a lot of time b/c my process is long.

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