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My sister is a 4b and after over a year and a half of struggling with unmanageable, dry, and hard to the touch hair she opted to texturize this past Dec.

She's finding the texlax didn't really help the tangles altho it's much faster to wash and go now. She's also getting quite a bit of breakage and hair that is very different lengths all over her head (from 1"-4").

We live in a land locked area so it's very dry here and winter is COLD! Does anyone have tips on how she can keep her hair moisturized and minimize breakage?

We are both trying to get into natural products so any suggestions for those or any tips would be much appreciated. I'm a 4a so our hair has completely different properties and what is working well for me doesn't help her out at all.

Also, if anyone has tips for styling that would be great too. She's tried gel but her hair is thick so getting a lovely, uniform curl would take her hours. Air drying makes her hair look frizzy and feels dry.

Please help 4bs! Thanks!!
You'll get better responses on the relaxed/straightened board. But if your sister hair was still 4b/natural I wouldn't expect moisturizers to respond to her hair "type"--that is, you could go to any board (not just 4b...especially since her hair isn't 4b anymore lol) and see what ladies are using to moisturize their hair.

Is your hair moisturized? Has she tried your products or are you guys just assuming that what works for you won't for her? Is she protein sensitive? Do most of the products she's tried and disliked have protein listed as a first ingredient? If so, she should back off those for a while (although..since her hair's chemically processed now it might really need extra protein to keep healthy. idk).

Is she using actual moisturizers to moisturize? Oils, grease, pomades, butters, gels are NOT moisturizers. Find a leave-in conditioner. Some cheap ones that seem to be fairly popular (although none are guaranteed to work for her): Cantu, Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship, Neutrogena Triple Moist...lately I've been leaving a bit of Aussie Moist's regular condish in after washing my hair. Works really well for me. Also, I've heard that Aloe vera juice is moisturizing for some. It's not for me lol but...it's cheap and worth a shot I guess.

How is she detangling her hair? Try loading it up with condish in the shower, taking smallish sections and combing then.

And...just from reading your OP, a lot of her problems seem to stem from not really understanding/accepting her hair. So what if her "curls aren't uniform"? Lots of people don't have curly hair. And those that do have them rarely get them to fall in a uniform manner.

Anyway, hair health first, hair style second.

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I agree with the previous poster. I have wiry 4Bhair that hates protein and coconut oil. My hair got harder and drier the more I used those 'miracle' products. Once I eliminated then I had soft spongy hair. I don't have any curl definition to speak of, but I am ok with that
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You didn't mention what she was currently using but starting off with the cheap basics or natural products when in doubt seems to be the best route.
First have her deep condition. I like to use regular conditioner (Suave) mixed with oils or sometimes I use Queen Helene cholesterol, suave and some oil. Leave on overnight if possible then have her clarify with V05 to remove any traces of product so she can start fresh.
Once she has clarified then condition (Suave coconut once again is great). Leave a little in the hair to act as a leave in.
While her hair is still damp apply a moisturizer I like Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream, shea butter mixed with some aloe vera gel works great here too. If she wants too she can seal with oil at this point but not totally necessary. Put each section in a 2 strand twist as she goes until the entire head is complete.
Keep a spray bottle nearby with a little Suave in some water and spritz the hair to keep it from drying out.
She should see a notable difference in her hair, but remember there are no quick fixes the key is finding what works and doing it consistently.
Everyday she should spritz her hair with something water based this can be conditioner in water, plain water, water with oils, water and aloe juice or gel or all of the abve mixed together it's finding what her hair likes to use.
She should spritz her hair whenever it feels dry which may be several times a day.
Moisturizing and sealing daily is up to her it depends on how often her hair needs it as to when she should do it.
Tell her to lay off the gel it will cause breakage.
Good protective styles are 2 strand twists, comb twists, flat twists and straw curls. If she needs something to set these styles ORS twist and lock gel is great.
If she is going to air dry it should be done in twists to eliminate dryness and frizz and finally if her hair is breaking it's probably best to cut it so that the breakage won't spread to the roots. It sounds like she isn't caring for the area where the textures meet. The info I gave here should take care of that as well.

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Does gel really cause breakage? If I'm not washing or conditioning, my hair has gel in it. Always.
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Does gel really cause breakage? If I'm not washing or conditioning, my hair has gel in it. Always.
Originally Posted by curly_cassy

If the gel you're using has a lot of protein in it, it can cause dryness which can lead to breakage.

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