Tangle Free Shampoo Suggestions?

Hi kinky-curlies!

I want a shampoo that won't leave my hair tangled. I need to shampoo every once in a while to get rid of build up & such. My method right now is: section my hair, pre-poo with olive oil, & apply shampoo on the scalp & then work it in. Even with this routine my hair still annoyingly clumps together within the sections.

So which shampoo do you use that make dangling afterward less of a hassle? Or if it is not a particular shampoo, perhaps there is a technique that helps to keep tangles away while shampooing.

Thank you!

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Some people shampoo their hair in twists with diluted shampoo.

When I shampoo my hair I do it in the shower or over my utility sink so my hair can hang. I also shampoo my scalp and let the residue fall to my hair. I am not sure I can describe it but I will try. I use a perm tipped bottle and I run through my hair onto the scalp. Then I massage the shampoo into my scalp but I leave the hair mostly undisturbed. When I am done I will run the residue shampoo through my hair from root to tip. I do not swirl my hair all over my head and scrub.

I should also mention a few points, one I make my own scalp cleanser with black soap with neem oil, brahmi or aloe and tea tree or peppermint oil.
The only time I use shampoo is when I have chlorine in my hair.
Finally and most important is I rinse the crap out of my hair, most products I use are water soluble so most of the stuff I put in it rinses right out.

Hair Type: 3c/4a/4b, fine, normal porosity


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