Individual Braids/ Synthetic or Human hair???

Ok I'm transitioning and need a protective style I love wearin individuals but everytime when I use the synthetic hair it makes my scalp itch like crazy and my hair become very dry plus my scalp is sensitive..and when I take out my braids I'll have alot of breakage and hair loss wit the Lil white bulb at the tip...I wanted to know if you guys think I should leave the synthetic hair alone and use human hair? Or should I leave both alone? I never used human hair so idk how my scalp will react to it... PLEASE HELP

Hair with white bulbs at the end is shedding (won't come out when your hair is in braids), but combined with the breakage and sensitive scalp you're experiencing I think your braids are being put in too tight. Your scalp may be itchy because you need to give it a good cleanse-maybe do a shampoo (scalp only-well as much as you can) to shift some buildup. Also if your hair is dry maybe you need to spritz your braids with a moisturiser mixed with water to keep your hair soft. IMO synthetic/human hair won't make a difference HTH
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While transitioning I wore Human Hair/Box Braids in 2 month intervals. Right now I have Synthetic Hair/Cornrows in, this is my first time wearing Synthetic Hair...I've been doing this in 1 month intervals since January. I'm regularly a Human Hair kinda girl. IMO synthetic hair soaks up alot MORE moisture then Human Hair...with the synthetic hair I find myself steadily spritzing my hair & oiling my scalp due to dryness. I have to maintain this just about every day because I don't want the dry scalp friends popping out & embarrassing me (can't have that)...I don't recall this high kinda maintenance with Human Hair...I tell you this, my next go round will be back to my Human Hair if/when I decide to braid again. But the ONLY way you'll know what's best for you is if you step out & try BOTH. HTH
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My scalp has itched something terrible with both human and synthetic hair.The first thing you should probably do with any type of hair is clean it before you put it in. I don't know if washing it would rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction but in my experience, washing the hair before you put it in makes a big difference. For my synthetic hair I soak it in vinegar to clean it.

I haven't used human hair in years because I don't wear micro braids or other braids anymore, which is what I used human hair for in the past, but even then I realized that human hair didn't last as long for me because my hair is very kinky and coarse and as my hair grew in it was just madness. Even as infrequently as I washed my hair back then, the braids would get fuzzy and all I could stupidly do was prune the braids and that just resulted in shorter hair .

I think the type of hair you use depends on what your style of choice is. For twists, I haven't found any affordable human kinky hair but so far the best hair I've found for twisting is Janet Collection afro marley braid. It's synthetic and the hair isn't itchy. My scalp gets itchy if I don't clean it (I have a scalp condition). If it was the hair than more than my scalp would be affected. Also, this is the only brand so far that I've found that enabled my hair to retain moisture. My hair wasn't dry at all when I took the twists out.

Finally, if you're experiencing breakage when you take out your extensions it could be that you're not moisturizing your hair properly. In the past I didn't moisturize my hair while it was in braids and I would get a lot of breakage too (I also wasn't into proper hair care either but I digress). While in braids I like to spritz my hair with a moisturizing spritz daily, sometimes multiple times in a day, and I use my QB AOHC to moisturize my scalp and new growth. I'm really generous because I want to ensure my hair gets moisturized. A lot of people say synthetic hair dries out the hair, but so can human hair. Weave is a barrier to your real hair so you have to take proper precautions when doing weaves or extensions before, during, and after you take them out. That goes for human or synthetic hair. The condition of your hair before you install the extensions will have an impact on how your hair feels after you take them out. I also think the brand of hair matters. You get what you pay for. I'm not at all saying that human hair is better than synthetic. If anything, from my experience synthetic hair has been better for me because it blends better with my hair texture
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Soaking the kanekalon in vinegar. That's exactly what I should have done before I got my marley twists. My scalp itched something crazy a few days after I got them, but I refused to take them out. I'm no quitter!! I've found that Rosemary Oil and Lavender Oil works wonders for an itchy scalp. Definitely gonna soak my hair next time

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