Natural Hair Blogs!

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@sweetmx85 Great idea!!!
Your hair is your most important accessory.
The Big Chop performed on 1/15/2011!!!

no prob if i see more or think of more ill add them, or if you guys know of anymore you can too
my blog
Its a beauty, natural hair, food, family, and life all combined into one blog. I took a break from it for awhile but I recently started blogging again and Im addicted!

my tumblr natural inspirations and beauty:

For those that live outside the US, I've been working on a list of natural hair blogs in different counties and articles related to natural hair.

My regular blog link is in my signature

Last relaxer: August 2008
Big Chop: December 2008/January 2009

Blog: Alice in Nappyland
Neat post. These are also nice blogs:

back to curly

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To find natural hair blogs (in case someone wants more)

Just go to "google" and where you see "web, images, etc." click "blogs".

Type in "natural hair" or "finger detangling", whatever and google will give you a whole slew of blogs.

There is also a section in the general section with a list of blogs as well. Here it is:

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Shop: Whipped shea butter, bulk shea butter, and more!
Blog: DIY Hair Care Blog

natural hair photos, books & products

Love This Site!

natural hair photos, books & products

Love This Site!
Originally Posted by more.moviesb
Hmmmmm never heard of this website doesn't look like its a blog. It look like its some form of eshop?..but I can't see the actual products that are being sold. Is this your website/business?

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