WHOA! She Dyed Her Hair PURPLE!

Just wanted to share with you all the most recent HER CONFESSIONS interview posted.

I was elated this gorgeous natural agreed to interview.

She showcases her recently dyed violet/purple mane and a little inside information about her journey thus far as a woman with Natural hair.

Check it out!: Confessions of a Blog Vixen: Her Confessions |▶ MsMchy
Wow, it really suits her. Very vibrant.
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too kewl!
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Love it. Not many people can pull that off :-D
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I agree. It looks great on her.
I love her hair!! She is so pretty!!

If she can keep a job with hair like that...no one in need complain about curly hair. Seriously...

I love it though.
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I really love it! I agree with LadyRae that not many people can pull it off, but she does perfectly!
i love the purple on her!
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Whoa, that is purple!

Nice blog plug...

I am the new Black.

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Did anyone figure out or saw if she described how she did it? I've had pink hair before, but I had to bleach it significantly and I don't want to change my curl pattern.
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