I know this question has already been answered millions of times but...

I know alot of people have probably asked this question but I am new to the site...

How many people have done the BC at the one year mark? How did you feel about it?

I will be there in December, right now I have braids until I am ready to cut, but I am anxious. The only thing holding me back is that I have a "big" head and I have never had short hair.

I am so conflicted...please help...

I cut at my one year mark and I was afraid because I have a big head myself. I was pretty excited when I cut it. I didn't have that "free" feeling that naturals describe, but I think that was because I never felt trapped by a relaxer. And usually I just cut out the relaxer after a few months and leave my hair in braids. I was scared to wear my hair out, but then I realized that no one was looking at me or even cared that I had a short afro.
Thanks! I think I need to get over the fact that I think that everyone will be looking at me or that it even matters if they do. I can't wait til December now!!!

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