Ever found a bug in your hair (not lice)?

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I was just detangling my hair after washing. So I'm sitting on my sofa, finger combing Kinky Curly Knot Today through my hair because like a fool I forgot to condition in the shower. I feel what I think is a knot involving several strands of hair. Typical right? So I kept trying to tease it out with my fingers and it seemed to be working really well. Just as I think I have it, I feel it move in that buggy sort of way....kind of like a roly poly/pill bug or ladybug sort of movement. Well, I freaked out and threw it across the room Of course I couldn't find it then.

I searched my hair and scalp. No more bugs and nothing that looks like bugs. Has this ever happened to you? I've never had lice, and there aren't any things in my hair that look like nits or lice. Seems like it was one random bug. I swear I'm not an alcoholic and having DTs and I'm not on drugs. LOL I suppose I could be so tired I hallucinated (haven't slept much in the last 48 hours....maybe 12 hours?). Or maybe a bug climbed out of the radiator since it's been ridiculously warm here lately....don't know.

I did meet up to work on a group project with a girl with questionable hygeine. Think maybe she had bedbugs and they came home with me. Ugh, this is driving me nuts.

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See this is why I don't get drunk. Stop sipping on the Henney CurlyArca! ROFLMAO!

Let me stop..no I cant say this has ever happened to me. It could have just been a bug that fell off a tree or something. I wouldn't sweat it..if it was just the one.
It was definitely just the one. I shouldn't have flung it across the room. Oh well, guess I'll never know.

Guess I'll finish this bottle of wine and go to bed now. Bye y'all.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.
Guess I'll finish this bottle of wine and go to bed now. Bye y'all.
Originally Posted by curlyarca
SEE! I knew you were drinking. Wasn't a damn thing in your head girl..go to bed!
I have several times. It depends on where I am (hiking in the woods, etc) and what I have in my hair like gels or a sticky styler and if I'm wearing my hair out.
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A bee flew into my braidout.., and got stuck. I almost died from the horror of it.
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I've had a spider in there before
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It's the wind around here. It blowing all kinds of things into my hair. Thankfully so far they have been just small things. *shudders*
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ants when sleeping on the floor years ago. I don't know how i slept through that many getting on me. It makes me shudder still.

spiders, used to lay out on my parents deck and these weird big-bodied, round, short legged rust brown colored spiders would occasionally fall out of the tree branches over. i'd be flicking and brushing like crazy.

they're like little hazelnuts or garbonzos with legs
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I don't even know why I read these types of threads. They Just give me the heebies.

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I've had a spider and a roach in my hair (not at the same time). Both times I was wearing a fro. I have to remember to cut down on scented products as the weather warms up as it can attract insects.
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Hoooowdy ladies Long time no speak.

I was getting on the bus one day when I felt what I thought was a leaf in my hair. I flicked out it nonchalantly... but when I saw that it was a bug, I screamed, hopping up and down with my arms flailing while all the passengers gave me blank stares.

I am super afraid of bugs. My only real phobia.
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no but thats my worst (hair) fear!
its bound to happen and im surprised it hasnt yet..

ive been traumatized ever since my cousin had a pregnant deer tick in her head.. if they had not found it when they did it would have been a baddd situation!
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I was detangling in the shower one morning and found a ladybug in my hair. The day before I was at a picnic. The poor ladybug met its death in all this thick curly hair.
First time today, lol. I sprayed Oyin Juices and Berries before I left for class this afternoon. On my way home waiting for the bus, this fruitfly was just chillin' on one of my twists. Flicked that sucker right off , I'm going to order the Greg Juice...
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I used to have a problem with gnats here in New Jersey. They like sweet smelling hair products.
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Big a-s beetle was in my hair when I had it in a fro erlack

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Spiders like me. I've watched as one just decided to just drop down right where I was sitting one time. Had I not been looking it would have made a comfy place in my hair.

Bees have tried, but I basically run. Its basically the product scent that attracts them though. Otherwise, they buzz around a bit and keep going.

I almost caught a butterfly one time.

I stay vigilant as it gets nice outside. Especially with those little green tree spiders and bugs that you don't see unless they are against something dark.
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