To brush or not to brush?

Yes, I use a brush. More specifically the Denman D41. But, I do go back and forth between that and my widetooth comb. I feel that the wide tooth comb does not get the shed hair like the Denman. But, it also depends on if I shampood my hair or not. Because I do wash my hair in the same method I have done all my life it will tangle. Therefore, I use a wide tooth comb after and then I go back through with the Denman. When I co-wash only the Denman.

I think you have to try all avenues of detangling because everyone has their preference and everyone's hair is different.

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I have a Denman brush that I use. I have no idea what type it is, but it's small so I only use it on small sections of my hair while detangling.

It works fine while my hair is wet.
Yep I use a brush, I don't use a comb unless I am blow drying w/ an attachment which is rare. Combs and I don't mix.
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Apparently, it all depends on your hair and how you're using your brush.

I have enough 3C-4A curls for about four heads, so I find it best to detangle in the shower with lots of conditioner and a wide-toothed (Mebco) comb. (There is always a small amount of shedding. That's normal.)

Once I'm out of the shower, I spray my hair with my water-oil-aloe mix, apply gobs of leave-in conditioner and then distribute it with my Denman D3. (My hair is already pretty much detangled, so there is no shedding at all!)

(Someone here said if you have thick hair, not to buy the Denman D3, but again, it might be how you use it and with what products. My Denman and I are BFFs!)

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