How do you like the shea moisture line?

Hi guys,
I was wondering if anybody tried the Shea moisture organic yucca & aloe thickening growth milk?

I've been using the curl enhancing smoothie and I love it. I've also tried the moisture retention moisture shampoo (love!) and the deep treatment masque (it's okay so far).

Le me know what you think and what you tried!!
Originally Posted by pretty.natural
I was relunctant to buy the Yucca milk because I already have thick hair but I love it. I think it's more moisturizing than the Coconut Hibuscus milk although I love it too. For me the Smoothie is just okay. I like it as holding product for twistouts but I don't find it moisturizing enough by itself. The Retention Conditioner I use as a leave in. The Retention DC I use as a leave in cuz it didn't do much for me as a deep conditioner. I also have the Coconut Hibiscus shampoo. That stuff is great. I had just about given up on shampooing because it would dry my hair out and tangle it so bad. I also discovered that what NC has been saying about using products from the same line together makes a difference. The last month or so I've seen a dramatic improvement in my hair and moisture retention. I'd love to try the black line but they don't sell it at my Walgreens. I couldn't even by the Yucca until I was visiting out of state.
Originally Posted by adthomas
I have thin hair and I really wonder if it will help (the yucca...). About the smoothie, I just remember I always add my oils to it so I think I forgot how it work alone lol oops..
I love shea moisture products. It's predominantly what I've used since my bc.

I use the coconut and hibiscus hold and shine moisture mist as a refresher. I dilute it with aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, and water to make it last longer. I leave out glycerin when it's cold. It retains the original scent when diluted. I'm really addicted to this and have been using it since my bc last year.

I've tried the coconut and hibiscus shampoo. It smells nice, but I prefer the moisture retention shampoo. The moisture retention shampoo left my hair feeling moisturized and I could still get my hands through my hair with the shampoo in.

I use the curl enhancing smoothie as a styling aid/moisturizer followed by a little oil, then ORS lock & twist gel. I love this combo. My hair is moisturized and soft for days without reapplying.

The curl and style milk I reserve for wash & gos. It's moisturizing and love the scent.

I use the deep treatment masque as a dc occasionally but most often as a styling aid.

I like the restorative conditioner as a leave in. I prefer a more liquidy rinse out conditioner so that I can detangle. This is really thick and not enough pumps out for me to thoroughly apply while in shower.

The reconstructive elixir is amazing, but I mix my own oils now because that's more cost effective.

The scalp spray really alleviated my dry scalp issues. Never had a problem when using it.

I used the purification masque the day after my henna treatment. I also have been in the pool a lot lately. This product restored softness and moisture to my hair.

The original shea moisture leave in is also great. It has a similar consistency to the curl enhancing smoothie. I use it as leave in or in place of the smoothie when I'm out of it.

I have the anti-breakage masque and thickening milk but have not tried them yet.

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