Big Chop, twa regimen?

I am planning to do a big chop within the next month but I don't know where to begin with my twa regimen I only plan on keep 3-5inches of hair [my hair now is almost shoulder length]

For the ladies that have or have had twas what are/were your regimens? So far I've read that a lot of ladies are using hair spritz...I dont know where to begin....

Please Help!
Congrats on your soon-to-be TWA! Your hair regimen at any length will depend on what kind of hair you have. What I did with mine is cowash every 3-4 days, detangle in the shower with the cowash on my head, condition, then use a leave in (to keep it simple, usually a bit of whatever I conditioned with) and style. While my hair was very short, I raked product (LI first, then either curl cream or gel) through my hair. Now I do it in sections. To refresh my hair in the morning, I let the steam from the shower reactivate the smushed parts, then I use a creamy styler (Oyin Hair Dew, Darcy botannicals Peach Kernel Hair milk, Shea moisture curl + style milk) mixed in my hands with some light oil (a few drops) and scrunch it in. I can do that for three or so days until I have to co-wash again. If I want to use a spritz, I use the shea moisture on (found at target and walgreens) or I make my own with distilled water, condish and some oil( almond, jojoba or evoo). I use the spritz to finish after styling, but some ladies use it to reactivate. check out youtube vids for "second day hair" and twa maintenance. HTH!
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Congrats on taking the big step! I big chopped 2 months ago (today!) so I'm still working with a twa.

My regimen is
-co-wash/no-poo every 2-3 days
-leave-in KCKT (or mixed silk with aloe vera),
-deep condition every week,
-clarify with Giovanni shampoo when needed (only if I use products with silicones),
-style with eco styler (I can only use eco styler with mixed silk because if I mixed with KCKT, I get white boogers. gross!)
-moisturize with Qhemet Burdock Roots butter cream
-use jojoba oil to seal
-soothe scalp with Burnt Sugar Pomade
-refresh with SheaMoisture moisture spritz (or a water, care free curl and aloe vera juice mix-spritz)
Rinse/Condition in shower daily

Use leave in conditioner (usually curl junkie)

Top with a small amount of Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

At night I moisturize with Oyin Hair Dew

Congrats and good luck on your big chop!
I'm a little more than a month post, and have between 4 and 5 inches of hair right now.

I co-wash every 3-4 days or so, and low-poo a couple of times a month, or when I feel I need it. I apply a conditioner or leave-in after the co-wash/shampoo, finger detangle or use a wide tooth comb, apply some oil (tying different ones) and then a gel, usually eco, in small-ish sections for definition and frizz reduction (if I don't do it in small sections some parts end up super defined and some frizzy and it looks weird). Shake my head around like a wet dog and air dry.

To refresh, usually the first day after a co-wash I just fluff it up after the sleep squish, and go. Two days after I spritz with water or watery leave in until DAMP (this works really well for me) and rake through a bit more eco. Then day 4 I just fluff and go again, and then wash after day 4.

I've been deep conditioning about once a week or so.

Congrats on making the decision! Good Luck!!
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