Hairline mysteriously receding!

I'm gonna make this straight to the point because I really want help.

Since January when I stopped straightening my hair, my hairline has been creeping back in millimeter increments. Just a few hairs a week. But since I've been doing my own hair for the last 8 years, it's easy for me to notice. I've never had a problem like this when I wore my hair straight, even when I would press my edges, they'd be fine. Well now all across the front it's creeping back and nothing has made it stop.

The ONLY style I do is the wash n go. NO tight headbands. So I really don't know what's causing it. I thought maybe the gel was clogging my pores so I stopped for two weeks. Still more hairs are gone this week. One thing I do know is that my hairline is sensitive. One day I'll wake up and feel a tenderness in a certain spot and it will be like that all day for no reason. Then a few days later I'll notice I'll see more scalp in that area than I did the last time I checked. I know it's not my imagination. The hair is falling out.

I THINK: It could be the two textures from my heat damage and new growth somehow causing this. The very front of my hair maybe an inch or less than an inch is 4b, and it is attached to hair that has been heat damaged to 3a. I don't know if it's a tangling and pulling situation, but I'd love some input.

Basically, I don't want to end up with permanent damage from traction alopecia that I don't even know the cause of.

I'm willing to cut off the heat damage if it will save my hairline. I cut off four inches in January but I didn't get it all.
i'm off in left field (as usual) but could u be allergic to something you're using?

are u tying a scarf tightly? friction elastic from a bonnet?

is it broken or just clean to the scalp?
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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Clean to the scalp. The rest of my head is fine.
i'd go to a dermatologist to hear what s/he thinks is happening
True realism consists in revealing the surprising things
which habit keeps covered and prevents us from seeing.
- Jean Cocteau

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thanks for the advice presto. I'm beginning to wonder it's traction alopecia. my hairline is actually sore right now too. what did I do? I parted it. It is that sensitive. Back when it was straight and I'd wrap it at night I had to make sure I didn't brush the temples in the direction opposite to how they were used to laying or those areas of my scalp would be unbearably sore the next morning and some of the hair there would fall out. I also think I may need to be more diligent with the scarf at night. I am guilty of going to bed without it and rubbing around on my satin pillowcase. And I foggily remember waking up in the middle of the night and trying to readjust my head because something felt like it was pulling. That still wouldn't explain the very front though because that would mean I'm sleeping face down with my face in the pillow lol

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