Hello ladies I was wondering what are some peoples experience with taking vitamins and the results of your hair while using them? Also what are the vitamins your taking???

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I take a women's vitamin that I get from the Vitamin Shoppe. I make sure the vitamin is food based and if I'm not sure, I'll ask the person working there. I used to take just any old vitamin but unfortunately, my skin suffered. I grew acne like never before but ever since I start taking food based vitamins, and eating them with food, I've beeen good. I'm trying to remember the name of the vitamins I take but I can't remember the exact name lol. Food based vitamins are the way to go. In my skin and in my hair I've seen great improvement. Along with drinking A LOT of water, giving up sodas and too much unhealthy foods. I splurge every now and again, but not all the time. My skin and hair have thanked me. Exercising helps too.

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It's my hair and if people don't approve they should take it up with the creator, not the creation. : )
I've taken UltraNourishair and I've taken a Dollar General brand one for hair and nails. I only took them for a few months each, but I didn't notice much difference with them and they were a pain in the butt to remember to take - 2 great big pills. I started having to take other supplements, for PCOS, so I had to stop taking hair supplements. It just got to be too much. The cinnamon and flax seed oil I take for PCOS and a simple multivitamin have seemed to help more than anything.

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