Sticky, Gummy Residue from Using Oyin Juices?

Actually, I've only used the Greg Juice, and, it left a sticky, gummy residue on my hair, which left it feeling rather tacky.

Anyone else experience this, and, can someone give me a reason as to why this possibly occurred? I cleanse my hair every other day, and clarify about once a month. So, product build-up isn't really an issue with my hair.
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How much did you spray on? Did you saturate your hair? The Juices have a lot of glycerin, so too much can be sticky.
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I agree. I do the "spray'n rub" method.
Spray a section, rub it in, spray another, get the rubbin' etc...
Helps me out everytime
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Finally maintaining a clean, moisturized scalp!
I'm really getting into my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil now
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never anything with meaning
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Thank you, Ladies!

I didn't saturate my hair, and, therefore, I didn't think I actually sprayed a lot. However, apparently, it was too much, given the sticky, tacky, gummy feeling. I will also try the spray and rub method. That had not occurred to me.
Your hair is your most important accessory.
The Big Chop performed on 1/15/2011!!!

I used those juices when I had kinky twists, and it can get sticky. I find that if I use too many glycerin containing products during this rainy, somewhat humid time we are having in NYC, my hair feels gummy as well. When I used the juices, I actually sprayed them on my hand, and fingercombed my hair.
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IDK but it must be something with that Greg Juice, I had the very same sticky tacky feeling with it...had to give it away. Had absolutely no problems with the Juices & Berries and the Frank Juice (which is my fave)....*shruggs shoulders*
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