Please help!!! Be4 i bc again

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I noticed a lot of breakage while mini twisting my hair for the first time 3 weeks ago. Prior to that, I have never worn protective styles for the entire 2 years I have been natural. I would co-wash, deep co with moisture only, and detangle. While detangling I would lose a significant amount of hair but thought this was normal.

After noticing the breakage 3 weeks ago, I have done a protein treatment every week with the first one being Aphogee, followed by Giovanni's and most recently Aubrey's Organic's GPB. I now can't believe the tiny amount of hair I'm losing compared to before, but the damage is now done.

While dusting (trimming) my ends today, I parted my hair very gently and ended up with a several long curls in my hand. I had detangled just minutes before in the shower with my Quidad Double Detangler so I'm not sure why this sizable piece broke of. But at least that was the only spot in which that happened.

My question is, should I just stick this out for a while, or should I just admit defeat and start anew? What was that new missing chunk all about? My hair is shoulder length and lord knows i don't want to cut it!

Should i continue with the protein and follow with moisture? My hair is consuming my life!!! Its all I think about!! Any styling suggestions???
You probably should not have done so many protein treatments. It seems that now you are suffering from breakage due to overproteinizing your hair.

Don't continue the protein! You should focus on moisture for now. It takes trial-and-error to figure out how often to use a protein treatment on your hair but once a week seems like quite a lot to me.

Do you have fine hair? Have you used any heat on your hair lately? My fine hairs tend to break off more easily than my coarser thicker hairs since my finer hairs are thinner, thus weaker and can break more easily due to tension/combing. Heat damage can also contribute to breakage. Hope that helped!
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Okay, let's start from the beginning: you normally lose 50-100 strands of hair a day but if you put your hair in protective styles then the accumulated shed hairs will seem like so much more during the take down process. Don't panic. Try not to use protein treatments as often unless yo plan on following them up with a balancing moisture treatment. As for the "spot of trauma" I would handle that hair separately and gingerly until it recovers. I would not cut the rest of your hair unless you felt that spot was impossible to hide. Even then I would see a curly stylist about blending the lengths.

Good luck
How long did you leave the protective style in? I have heard a lot of people say that if they don't take extra care while removing braids they've worn awhile they experience a lot of breakage. There is a thread somewhere on here with tips for removing braids. I think you can just trim the broken hair and be okay. One thing about tightly curly hair is that it doesn't show unevenness as well as straight or wavy hair. Mine is not perfectly even but I don't care.

Also protective styling that leaves the hair for weeks in braids and twists doesn't work well on everyone's hair. If I don't remove shed hair it tangles badly with my other hair and ususally I end up having to cut it out. I absolutely have to detangle my hair with a comb a least once a week. I recently starting bunning and it is a much better option for me. If your hair was doing fine without ps'ing then don't feel like you have to do it just because some people say it's absolutely necessary for retaining length.
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