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Suave vs. VO5

Okay, I'm bored, so I'm starting this Suave vs. VO5 thread. I realize that there might be another thread just like this one out there, but meh.

Just tell me which of these two conditioners you prefer and why. I'll go first:

VO5, hands down. I've tried a bunch of Suave conditioners, both from the Naturals line and not, and Suave just does NOT compare to my VO5. Suave is too thick for me to feel like it actually cleanses my hair and scalp, so it's a no-go as a co-wash for me, but it also leaves my hair feeling rough and dry, so it doesn't work as a rinse-out or as a base for a deep conditioner recipe for me either. VO5 just easily tops Suave, in my opinion. Any one of their conditioners just leaves my hair feeling so soft (without feeling coated or like it left build-up behind), and it's thin, so it has awesome slip and works well as a co-wash and as a base for deep conditioners. Plus the scents from VO5 are just so much better than the scents from Suave.

Anyone else?

I don't use either anymore but I like them when I used them...but since I still have many bottles of each left..perhaps I'll start using them as co-washes again..the conditioners.

Anyway..Suave Naturals to me is better for my hair because I find my curls respond better to they clump better with Suave Naturals and my hair actually seems moisturized after using it even though I certainly found Suave Naturals to act more of a "cleanser" in a sense. I'm guessing it's all the salt in it ? And I felt the Tropical Coconut worked extremely well as a quick detangler on my hair. And I do of course like the thicker consistency.

Now I do like the V05 (the Moisture Milks are great) for co-washes because they do indeed seem moisturizing and my hair was very very soft after use. And I used many kinds in the VO5 conditioner line. I would have rather it be slightly thicker though. But I dont' think their conditioners are bad at all.. I just think for my hair Suave does the better job and gives me the results that I'm looking for with it.
I love VO5 moisture milks. Suave naturals are just so-so to me.
I voted for Suave. VO5 was kind of eh for me. AWESOME for detangling though. I really like the almond and shea butter conditioner by Suave! Smells great and my hair really likes it. I've only tried one of the conditioners from the naturals line and my hair was cool with it as well. But to be honest, I don't really use Suave much anymore. I've recently been using Infusium 23 and am currently looking for a cone free conditioner that my hair likes.
I've only used Suave almond and shea and I prefer that over V05. Suave detangles, V05 just feels like water on my hair. Nothing special.

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I didn't like Suave or VO5. I also tried White Rain, which is a similar concept, and WR was okay. Maybe I'll revisit VO5 again.
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Voting for Suave. Seemed more moisturizing for my hair. Like another poster said, VO5 was like water to my hair... No detangling qualities at all. Plus, I've become more sensitive to strong scents over the years and their conditioners are waaaay too strong for me

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Yup...that's it (for now... )
Suave's Almond and Shea Butter conditioner does it for me. When I started my healthy hair journey two years ago, I used Vo5's Moisture Milks. But, now I find them to be too watery for my hair. I like the creaminess of Suave in my hair. It feels more moisturizing.
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Vote is for Suave. I've been stuck on Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut for like 8 years now, but my new favorite is their Suave Professionals Almond + Shea Butter.
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VO5. It may be somewhat watery but it has amazing slip for me, and it smells delicious. Suave would be okay if I was a no-pooer, but it doesn't do boo for me.

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I prefer VO5 because they don't test on animals and also, their conditioners tend to be of higher quality or at least they seem of higher quality to me - thicker, more moisturizing.
I prefer VO5 because they don't test on animals and also, their conditioners tend to be of higher quality or at least they seem of higher quality to me - thicker, more moisturizing.
Originally Posted by AllyT
Ooooh, they don't? Another reason for me to love them!

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Didn't vote in the poll but it's funny this topic came up bc I just revisited both of these about 2 weeks ago and have been thinking about it since

V05 is good for me if I want a really light leave-in or a "true" co-wash. Typically it leaves my hair feeling rough and scratchy. I used the Blackberry Tea and added olive and castor oil to the bottle. That made it just "ehhh for me. It doesn't work for me as an actual conditioner because to get the slip that I need I need to use half the bottle. But it's really (really really) cheap, so if it's on sale for 66 cents, I will buy a couple and keep them on hand...always

Suave (Coconut) is creamier but still doesn't have the slip that I need, although it's still better than v05. It works better as an "actual" conditioner and I like it as a leave-in (I use all of my Conditioners as leave-ins) and I love the smell because it smells like coconut but it isn't over-powering like v05 can be (even though I don;t mind the smell of v05 so much). It also doesn't help that in NYC they aren't the same as the "rest-of-the-world" price...they'll go on "sale" for the outside of NYC retail price...not much incentive to buy

All in all, I like Suave better but they're both just okay to me. I'll use them if I have them, but won't cry if I run out. But if I see them on sale I will pick up a few 2-3 bottles because they're good to have in a bind. And they both will mix well with oils etc to make a deep conditioner.
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