How many days/weeks after washing does your hair/scalp start to smell sour?

Errr, I went to and fell off the chair when I saw the dry shampoo's price. I'll just suck it up and keep washing 2x/wk. I used to wash my hair in braids. If I go back to that, I'll save a lot of time.
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Hmmm. My scalp doesn't really get smelly UNLESS I've been intensely sweating and I don't moisturize/plait my hair up afterwards and then I sweat a lot AGAIN the next day. So I don't really get this problem.

Dry shampoo can be reasonably priced if you get it from other don't necessarily have to go to Sephora. However, some of the "cheaper" brands do show their cheapness, so try to read some reviews on em before you buy em. Just my two cents.

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My hair usually doesn't smell unless I have A LOT of product build up, and I ended up going longer than a week to wash. I too really don't need to use shampoo I can rinse with conditioner and be straight.

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I can't recall my hair ever getting sour smelling. My hair always smells like my products. My hair never got oily, even when I was relaxed, so after wash day it will get drier and drier unless I add oil. I'm starting to think my hair doesn't produce oil at all

Edit: Scalp doesn't produce oil
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Depends on the product I use and how I use them.

Wet bunning spoilage timeframe:
Curl Junkie (Curly Girl Method) 2-3 days
Komaza Care moisturizers 5 days
Kyah Alexandria, not smelly
Enso Naturals moisturizers 3 days
Qhemet Biologics, not smelly
Oyin Handmade, not smelly

Dry/Straight hair
10-14 days with the same above products before the smell sets in and I have to wash.
Errr, I went to and fell off the chair when I saw the dry shampoo's price. I'll just suck it up and keep washing 2x/wk. I used to wash my hair in braids. If I go back to that, I'll save a lot of time.
Originally Posted by principessa1984
Tressemme makes a dry shampoo for curly hair.

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When I was relaxed as a kid I could go a month or more. As a teen it only took a few days so I know what you mean but I was pretty active and my scalp began to produce more sebum. Usually if you scalp smells "sour" I would think it's the begining of a condition. I may be wrong but just based on personal experience. Now that my scalp is undercontrol it rarely smells sour even if its in need of a major wash. Usually 1 or 2x a week I low poo but for it to smell sour maybe 2 weeks.
For dry shampoo taaliah waajid has one and so does ors. Both under 8 dollars I think.
Also tressemme has a new dry shampoo too and I'm sure its pretty cheap
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